Keep Pests Under Control Through Job Site Management


As a pest control company, you visit your client’s homes, places of work, and other properties to provide a service. However, job site management isn’t an easy task. Each site comes with its own set of issues and that can make it difficult to perform tasks in an orderly manner.

With the right system and processes in place, not only will you exterminate your client's pest problem, but you can also provide stellar customer service. Asset Panda can help you to achieve this by creating and implementing a comprehensive tracking system for your company.

Track Job Sites Through Your Cloud Database

Having a clear way to track your job sites will improve your entire business model, and Asset Panda's cloud database allows you to track equipment across multiple job sites.

If there are unique aspects of job sites, your pest control workers can record that information for future visits and treatments. For instance, there may be aspects of some clients’ homes that make it difficult to access areas where workers need to apply treatments. They may have heavy furniture or pets that could get sick if they're exposed to treated areas. Taking notes on these aspects can help workers that come in the future know what to expect, and they'll know how to communicate these matters with the client before they get there.

Use Job Site Management Tools to Record Where Workers Apply Treatments

One helpful aspect of using a cloud database for job site management is the ability to track sites workers have already treated. Doing this can help you in several ways, for instance; If there are any issues with the applications, you can figure out who worked that site.

You can also track the number of treatments each of your employees has done and use that to compare against their time cards. Having multiple ways to track employee work will help to ensure accurate payroll.

Manage Potential Issues Before They Grow

Another benefit of using a cloud database is the ability to identify potential issues before they get out of control. For example, some clients may find that a single treatment isn’t enough to deal with their pest control issues.

Most of the time, this isn’t due to a lack of effort on the part of your workers. It could be that there are multiple types of pests and one treatment won’t deal with all of them. Or perhaps there’s a nest somewhere that isn’t in the most common treatment areas.

You can go into problem-solving mode as soon as you get this information. Once you hear that clients aren’t getting the results they want, you can send a more experienced technician to see what the problem is and figure out how to resolve the issue.

Set Up Reminders to Check On Clients

As much as you and your clients would like it, pest treatments don’t last forever. Cloud-based job site management tools allow you to set reminders to check on your clients. Asset Panda’s customizable platform can send you annual notifications to reach out to past clients and see how their pest problems are treating them.


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