Liquor Inventory Control Software Really Measures Up

Retail establishments of all sizes and types are dependent on having accurate data on the inventory of items that are going in and out their doors. This data helps determine what items sell, or in some instances, don’t sell. It also aids in making informed decisions for future purchases and learning about customer demands. Liquor stores are one such establishment that needs to keep a close eye on their inventory and assets. Liquor inventory control software is a very important tool that can make a huge impact on how a liquor store is successfully run.

Customers come to liquor stores with a particular need. They are stocking up for a party or special event. Or maybe they had a great drink at a restaurant and want to re-create that experience at home. They are counting on their local store to have the item(s) they desire. But if a store doesn’t have a particular item, can’t find it in its inventory in the back, or has no idea if it’s been re-ordered – then the customer is likely off to the competition and may not return. It’s imperative that liquor stores have some kind of liquor inventory control software that can provide up-to-date data on all items in stock so that both their employees and their customers are informed.

Ensuring that inventory information is current and accurate is key in providing the best service for customers. Accuracy in inventory will help you meet customer demand and most likely a return to your establishment time and time again. Using an asset tracking and management platform is one of the easiest ways to track and manage liquor inventories. With so many products moving in and out, it’s definitely a challenge to keep up with each and every item. But today’s asset and inventory tracking programs are fully equipped with all the features needed to make liquor inventory control a breeze.

One of the most useful features is the built-in barcode scanner. Handheld barcode scanners are common in the retail industry. However they are expensive, so companies only can purchase a few of them. Many of the asset tracking software platforms available on the market today come with associated mobile apps that allow users to turn any smartphone or tablet into a fully functional barcode scanner. This mobility allows any allocated employee to scan items as they come in (or go out) and sends that data to one central, accessible location. This data gives management a full real-time view of what’s in stock, what needs to be ordered, or when items are due in. That information can be relayed to employees, customers, and vendors, and the standard reply of “I don’t know if we have it” or “I don’t know if we’re getting any more in” goes completely away.

The data that liquor inventory control software provides is extremely important to store owners and suppliers. They have a wealth of information at their fingertips to help make their store more profitable and their customers satisfied. They can attach notes from customers about certain products which may determine if they are restocked or not. Owners can review sales numbers to see what products sell more frequently or track sales to follow trends during certain holidays or targeted sales periods.

One other instance in which liquor inventory control software is valuable is in regards to theft. Theft in the workplace is on the rise. Sadly, some employees may find it very easy to swipe a bottle or two from the back stock without anyone knowing. By having an accurate count of each and every item from the moment it comes in, you can match inventory in stock with sales and see if there is a recurring problem of bottles disappearing and address the situation at hand quickly.

Asset Panda is a great tool for liquor stores who are looking for an easy-to-use liquor inventory control software. Asset Panda offers the most powerful, flexible, simple and cost-effective asset tracking platform available today. Using free iOS and Android apps hosted in the cloud, Asset Panda gives businesses and organizations one centralized location in which they can access the entire lifecycle of each of their vital assets and inventory. Easy access to data also saves your employees, and ultimately your customers, time and frustration.

Thanks to Asset Panda, you no longer need a handheld barcode scanner – the app includes a mobile scanner that can be used with your employees’ own smartphones or tablets. And even better, your employees won’t need any special training to master it, and you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users, which allows you to close the loop among all of your stakeholders.

With so many tasks involved in keeping up with your retail business, tracking assets and inventory shouldn’t take up all your valuable time. Give Asset Panda a try and see how it can streamline your operations and save you measurable time and money. Go to for a free 14-day trial.



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