Prevent Medical Equipment Shortage by Keeping a Supplies Inventory

Medical care facilities need to stay stocked up on treatment supplies, devices, and equipment at all times. Maintaining a medical supplies inventory can help your team ensure you have what you need to treat your patients.

Medical supplies are the lifeblood of any clinical practice. Without them, you can’t diagnose symptoms or alleviate discomfort. But you have to use so many each day that trying to keep track of them can seem like a herculean feat.

Tracking your medical supplies doesn’t have to be a long or complicated process. With the right tools, you can manage your consumables without creating busywork for your treatment team.

Avoid Running Out of Supplies

Running out of any type of medical supply while you are treating patients not only makes you look bad, it can also be a health hazard. It might not be catastrophic if you run out of medicine cups, but if you run out of gloves before you’re done seeing patients, that can pose a health hazard. There are dozens of other items necessary for treating those in your care.

Tracking your medical inventory means you’ll know well before you get low on supplies that you need to reorder. When done efficiently, you can even ensure that they’ll arrive before you run out.

Stay Updated on Your Stores Through a Supplies Inventory

Depending on the size of your facility, you could go through hundreds of one type of supply in a day. It’s impractical to try to manually check on supply status in each department. By utilizing an automated supplies inventory tracking system, your medical supply purchasing team can be updated when they need to reorder various treatment implements. That way, each office will have what they need to provide care to each of their patients.

Put Time Back on Treating Patients

Every hour your team spends on doing inventory is another hour you could be spending providing patient care. While you can hire out individuals whose sole job is managing inventory, your entire treatment team is involved in the supplies tracking process. If nurses and medical assistants don’t let you know what they’ve used, you won’t have any way of tracking how many items are used in a given day.

When you make supplies tracking part of your treatment team’s job, you reduce time and confusion throughout your department. It only takes a few seconds to update your inventory database as you go and saves a lot of time down the line.

Asset Panda’s inventory tracking software is a great way to track all of your organization’s medical supplies. Our cloud-based platform means all of your team members can contribute to the tracking process, becoming an easy and natural part of your workflow.

Customizable fields you can also manage medical waste and ensure it gets disposed of properly. This adds another level of safety to your healthcare practice and makes it easy for you to stick to medical waste regulations.

The inventory platform is infinitely customizable. Along with tracking medical equipment, you can add options to track contracts, personnel, and software. This all in one solution means you can create a comprehensive view of what items each member of staff is using. Such detailed data means you can personalize the ordering process, and make sure equipment goes to those who need it most.

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