Why Your Workplace Must Have an Office Inventory System

Every office, no matter how big or small, has a lot of moving parts to monitor at any given time. Implementing an office inventory system is a great way to keep track of each of those parts, without going insane in the process. You might think it's not a big deal to track things like pens and staplers. However, when these items aren't tracked, you could end up spending thousands of dollars replacing supplies you don't actually need.

Here are some of the major problems you'll experience if you don't use a system to track your office inventory.

Office Supplies Will Disappear

It's easy for anything to disappear if you aren't keeping a close eye on it. Most employees don't intentionally try to take items away from their job, but with small items like pens and sticky notes, it's just easy to lose track of them. And if your office supplies are disappearing quickly, you'll be spending a lot of time and money trying to replace them.


"If your office supplies are disappearing quickly, you'll be spending a lot of time and money trying to replace them."


You'll Never Know What You Have on Hand

Have you ever been working at the last minute to print out a report right before a meeting, only to find that you're out of printer paper? Without a system to track your supplies, you won't know when you're out of items like paper, staples, pens, and more until you really need them.

You'll Waste Time Trying to Track Down Supplies

Your employees are spending up to 2.5 hours a day searching for the items they need, per employee. That's more than one workday each week lost just in trying to track something down. Without an office inventory system to track where your supplies are, and how much you have on hand, you'll just have to accept this wasted time as part of work.

You'll Lose Money Without an Office Inventory System

Constantly replacing your office supplies can get expensive fast. On the surface, buying more pens or little things might not be a big deal. But bigger items like hardware, and things you use often like printer paper, can rack up quite the cost when lost. What's worse is that these items may not even be lost, just simply misplaced. Buying items you don't need, only to find you have plenty on hand later, translates to wasted money.


Asset Panda understands the importance of tracking the little things your company relies on throughout the day. It's hard to keep track of all of your moving parts. That's why we created our flexible, easy-to-use inventory tracking system to help you stay on top of your office inventory. Our program will change to meet your needs, so you can manage everything you rely on to get your job done.

One of our clients is a vet clinic who was previously tracking their assets on paper, and losing a lot of time trying to specify which animals were receiving what kind of medication. Our platform now allows them to specify the exact quantity and type of medication they need to help the animals they treat. They're also able to keep track of all of the equipment they use to treat these pets through the cloud and ensure they don't lose track of anything they need to save lives.

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