Preventative Maintenance Software Curbs the Worst-Case Scenarios

The advantages of preventative maintenance software become clear when you consider the ramifications of poorly maintained equipment to your bottom line. Imagine, for example, a vital piece of equipment at your company – one that’s indispensable to the day-to-day operations of a particular team on your staff. The Excel spreadsheet that two of your staff members are charged with maintaining says the machine was last serviced 18 months ago. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to serviced annually, so you’re overdue. Your employees charged with maintaining the tracking spreadsheet didn’t write themselves a reminder that the machine needed servicing six months ago.

One day, it just stops functioning. Production comes to a halt. Is there another machine the team may use? Yes, in another department within your building, but you can’t recall which one. So you get on the phone and start calling. After a lot of voicemail messages, you start emailing. Ultimately, the person you need to reach is out of the office today. Needless to say, your own productivity and that of your team have taken a nosedive for today. If you had preventative maintenance software, you could receive automatic reminders for your service and perhaps even create work orders, as well. Preventative maintenance software could also centralize your data in one location and take the burden of manual recordkeeping off your two staff members. The software would enable you to plan for equipment refreshment so that your finances would take any unexpected hits. And it would give you the respective locations of all of your equipment throughout your entire organization, saving you the time and frustration. Additionally, preventative maintenance software would help you track the depreciation of your equipment, so you could provide those figures to your accounting and compliance teams with confidence. And those advantages are just the beginning.

Modern businesses are busy enough without having to keep up with manual records. Whether you’ve been using an Excel spreadsheet or good old-fashioned pen and paper, human error is inevitable – and, potentially, theft and loss, as well. If you want to be a good steward of your investments, preventative maintenance software is not only an easy choice; it’s the only choice.

Worried that it’ll be a big undertaking to implement this software in your organization? It doesn’t have to be. You’ll certainly find a lot of software products on the market. The key is choosing one that delivers the best of all worlds: It should be not only powerful but flexible and intuitive. Asset Panda delivers on all counts. Our free mobile apps eliminate the need for additional hardware to track and manage your assets. All you need is the smartphone or tablet you already carry. Because our iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, your data is always in real time. From the palm of your hand, you have anytime access to an asset’s exact location, condition, value, check-in/check-out status, insurance policy and warranty information, lease/purchase details, and so much more. Our philosophy at Asset Panda is that, in order for your asset tracking efforts to be successful, everyone needs to be included in the conversation. That’s why we don’t limit the number of users you can add. Our robust features are completely customizable so you can track your assets any way you want, and make changes at any time. Here’s the best part: Asset Panda couldn’t be easier to use. You won’t need any special training to get up to speed quickly. It’s also easy to integrate with your legacy systems.

Asset Panda helped this research oceanic organization with its preventative maintenance efforts:

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