Buying Asset Labels at Staples? Here’s how They Work with Our App

How do asset labels work with the Asset Panda app? Simply purchase asset labels at Staples or your favorite local office supply store. Asset Panda generates barcodes, which may then be printed out on those labels using a laser or inkjet printer. Once the labels are printed out and affixed to the assets, it’s easy to scan them using our mobile barcode scanner. In contrast to many asset tracking products, Asset Panda doesn’t require a separate handheld barcode scanner; everything you need to scan barcodes and manage the complete lifecycle of an asset lives in the palm of your hand. Download our free iOS or Android app on your smartphone or tablet, or use the web app if you’d like. You won’t need any additional hardware, software or expensive software licenses. And you can add as many users to the Asset Panda app as you’d like for no additional charge. The more stakeholders you can bring into your communication loop, the better your long-term results. When everyone is involved in the conversation, accountability and accuracy increase – and that translates to bottom-line savings of time and money for your organization.

Once you’ve uploaded a new asset into the Asset Panda mobile platform, how you organize its supporting data is completely up to you. The app was built to be completely customizable, so you call the shots as to which features to use and how to display them. The dashboard, fields and columns, security settings, calendar feature, notifications, alerts and reports – in which you can organize your data by location, category or other criteria -- are just some of the features you can customize to your specific needs. Because the app syncs with the cloud, you get anytime, real-time access to the data on which you depend to track and manage your assets. View an item’s exact location, its check-in/check-out status, the identity of who has it, its GPS coordinates, complete maintenance history, insurance policy information, lease/purchase information and more. Create work orders and even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk, if you wish, to cut down on your support call volume.

If you’ve been relying on clunky, time-consuming spreadsheets before now, good news: It’s an easy and seamless process to integrate them directly into the Asset Panda platform. The app has been designed to be deceptively simple, in fact. While it’s the most powerful mobile asset tracking platform in the world, it’s intuitive and easy to use and requires no special training to master. Our world-class customer support team is always on hand, however, if you have any questions.

One of the biggest advantages of Asset Panda is its ability to cut down on waste, which from an asset standpoint can be staggering – even within organizations who think they have a handle on their asset tracking processes. Between 10 percent and 30 percent of the typical organization’s assets are ghost assets – or assets that have been stolen or lost unbeknownst to the company, but for which the company continues to pay insurance and taxes. Manual tracking processes leave the door wide open for this sort of waste. It’s difficult if not impossible to keep a finger on the pulse of every asset moving throughout your organization, and human error is an almost certain occurrence with manual record-keeping.

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