Software Tool Tracking Brings Everyone Into the Loop

If you feel like you’re throwing money away, software tool tracking can make a profound difference to your bottom line.

Utility companies, contractors, and oil and gas companies all depend on tools and equipment to survive. With technicians and staff in locations throughout the world, tracking these vital tools can be an extremely difficult, inefficient and error-prone process – not to mention expensive. The opportunities for theft and loss are significant. Many companies are in a constant mode of buying tools that vanish and then require replacement. When items need to be located, without a good method of software tool tracking in place, your employees will spin their wheels trying to hunt down those tools. Your productivity takes a nosedive while frustration levels peak. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

If you’re in the field, how do you request the materials you need to get the job done – especially if you run out of a critical item mid-project? Does work have to come to a halt while you wait?

Back at the warehouse, how does your staff keep track of maintenance schedules for your equipment? Are deliveries processed smoothly and without error? Do they know what your quantities are at any given time, so they don’t run out of critical items? Can tools be transferred easily between locations?

And, in the office, how do you monitor the distribution and inventory of tools throughout your entire organization? Do you know how much you spent last year on your equipment and tools, and how much you’ll need to budget for next year? Do you have tools sitting idle at one location while another location waits for the tools they need? Are you able to pull depreciation figures for your equipment?

Tool tracking is a task that, in most cases, simply can’t wait until you’re back at your desk. It’s a function that demands mobile capability. Asset Panda has created the most powerful, flexible and yet easy to use solution to your tool tracking needs. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, include a mobile barcode scanner and require no additional hardware or software to use. So that means not only that everything you need to track your assets lives in the palm of your hand (your smartphone or tablet); the data you see is in real time, 24 hours a day. Asset Panda was built on the philosophy that no two companies are the same, so our clients should be able to track their vital tools and equipment exactly how they want. That’s why Asset Panda is completely flexible, and nearly all of our features are customizable.

Every Asset Panda client has full access to our entire features list, but you decide which ones are most relevant to your unique needs. Customize the dashboard, security settings, columns and other aspects of the display. Add documents, voice notes, photos and/or videos to asset information, if you wish. Within seconds, you have full access to information like an asset’s exact location, condition, maintenance history, insurance information, depreciation figures and check-in/check-out status. Create work orders, reports, notifications and alerts. Even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk to reduce your support call volume.

Best of all, Asset Panda is flexible enough to adapt as your company’s needs change in the future. And it couldn’t be easier to use. You’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional fee, which gives you the ability bring together every stakeholder involved in the lifecycle of each of your tools. The result: increased accountability, better efficiency, and significant savings of time and money.

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