Streamlining the Repair Process for Air Conditioning Companies

In the summer, repairing air conditioners can be big business. According to the Florida Public Service Commission, the damages resulting from something as simple as a clogged filter can cost a customer over $1,000. However, you could miss out on these profits by having a cluttered and unorganized approach to inventory. Making a service call with the wrong parts means a second trip and more expenses. Letting this become a common practice is definitely bad for business.

Building Efficiency in the Process

Using Asset Panda can help you avoid these inefficiencies. With this tool, you can have your employees document and catalog all of the compressors, fans, and other vital components needed to complete a successful repair. Reviewing these records before leaving the shop will ensure that a second trip isn't necessary. Once your workers are on-site, they can make notes and add pictures on the mobile app for later referencing. The few minutes required to fill in this information on an inventory system could save your company from dealing with hours of extra work and thousands in lost profits.


Krista has developed a passion for operational strategy via KPI management, streamlined processes, implementation of automation systems, and scaling Asset Panda. When she isn't attempting to help take the company to new heights, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, playing golf, cooking, and a good glass of wine.

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