Tracking Software Reduces Theft, Increases Efficiency for Construction Companies

Asset tracking software is saving companies and organizations of every size and industry both time and money. Some industries, in particular, are prime candidates for tracking software due to the sheer volume of assets under their management. Take, for example, the construction industry. You’ve got numerous job sites, each responsible for tools and equipment necessary to get the job done.

Unfortunately, theft is an all-too-common occurrence at these job sites. In fact, the National Equipment Register estimates that construction job site theft costs the industry up to $1 billion every year. And, according to the Great American Insurance Group, an estimated 90 percent of equipment thefts take place between the hours of 6 p.m. on Friday and 6 a.m. on Monday – in other words, when job sites are typically unmanned. Smart contractors lock up their tools in a secure box, install signage or security lighting, or set up temporary fencing or some other barrier to deter would-be thieves. Nevertheless, theft still happens, and without an adequate means of tracking these items, you could remain unaware of stolen items until you discover – perhaps months down the line – that you’ve been paying insurance for “ghost assets” you don’t even have in your inventory anymore. Whether stolen items are reported or not, production is often stalled, which has a domino effect of delaying subsequent jobs.

Tracking software enables you to monitor your equipment and tools at all of your job sites. It’s intended to provide you with a centralized location for all of your asset-related data. While you’ll find a vast array of asset tracking software products on the market, however, they’re by no means alike. What you should be looking for is a product that’s powerful, but also has a streamlined interface and is simple to use. Your asset tracking efforts are infinitely more successful when you can get all of your stakeholders on board with using it. And if it’s like Greek to understand, you’re likely to encounter resistance with your change management efforts.

The most powerful tracking software in the world, Asset Panda provides the gold standard for construction companies. Why? All you need to use it is the mobile device you already carry. There’s no need for additional hardware – not even a handheld barcode scanner, because Asset Panda’s free iOS and Android apps include a mobile barcode scanner. You’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge, so everyone – from the home office to the field workers – can stay in the communication loop, increasing accountability and accuracy. And, because Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, you have the assurance that your data is in real time, all the time.

From the palm of your hand, using your smartphone or tablet, pull up an asset’s exact location, GPS coordinates, its condition, complete maintenance history, insurance information, lease/purchase information, warranty information, depreciation, and so much more. Schedule maintenance, create custom reports, and set up custom notifications and alerts. Asset Panda’s tracking software enables you to view your assets across all sites and make informed decisions about inventory. Your employees won’t need any special training to understand Asset Panda; it’s incredibly user-friendly and customizable, from the dashboard to the custom actions, fields, columns and security settings.

Asset Panda helps you avoid theft, loss, waste and frustration while you save time and money. You won’t find a more powerful, flexible or easy to use tool for a better price. Try it free for 14 days. For more information or to get started, visit




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