Revolutionizing Asset Management
and Security at an
Election Supervisor’s Office


This Election Supervisor’s office, a cornerstone of democratic processes, successfully operates elections across 29 precincts and 5 early voting sites. The massive operation entails managing a wide variety of assets like computers, election hardware, and equipment kits. Ensuring an efficient, secure, and reliable operation was becoming a challenge with their former tracking method, an Excel spreadsheet. However, introducing Asset Panda proved to be a game changer.

The Challenge

This Election Supervisor’s office grappled with these challenges before turning to Asset Panda:

  1. Asset Tracking: Managing a broad spectrum of assets with an Excel spreadsheet was not only time-consuming but also prone to human error, creating a gap in accuracy.
  2. Chain of Custody: Maintaining a rigorous chain of custody for sensitive election equipment was imperative. But tracking asset movement from the warehouse to the truck to the voting location was ineffective and cumbersome.
  3. Asset Assignment: Allocating assets to specific employees and locations was a laborious task with the existing system, affecting efficiency and productivity.
  4. Repair Management: A disintegrated repair management process resulted in communication issues and delays in repairing assets.

The Solution

Asset Panda emerged as an all-encompassing solution that met this Election Supervisor’s office’s unique challenges in various ways:

  1. Efficient Asset Tracking: Asset Panda facilitated a smooth transition, enabling the office to upload their assets using their existing spreadsheet and further add individual items as required, thereby achieving a precise inventory. With accurate asset records, they could now effectively track the items’ location, status, and condition in real-time.
  2. Secure Chain of Custody: Since Asset Panda ensured stringent tracking of asset movement, the office was able to create a secure chain of custody from the warehouse to the election site and back.
  3. Simplified Asset Assignments: Asset Panda’s robust actions made the assignment of assets to employees and locations effortless, improving overall efficiency.
  4. Streamlined Repair Management: The centralized repair management system allowed easy tracking of repair statuses, fostering improved communication and data accuracy.
  5. Signature Fields: With signature fields, Asset Panda ensured a higher level of security and accountability during the transfer and receipt of assets.

The Results

Adopting Asset Panda led to a paradigm shift for this Election Supervisor’s office’s asset management process, saving them time, reducing errors, and enhancing the security and transparency of elections. The Election Supervisor’s office expressed high satisfaction with the platform, praising its user-friendly interface and robust features.


This Election Supervisor’s office’s partnership with Asset Panda has dramatically transformed their asset management process, boosting efficiency, accountability, and security. The team is consistently exploring ways to optimize the platform’s features to further improve their operations.

The Election Supervisor commends, “The adaptability of Asset Panda has truly transformed our asset management process. It has empowered us to manage our resources more efficiently, contributing significantly to the integrity of our elections. We are highly satisfied with the platform and its capabilities.”