Team Gleason Recovers 2 Hours
Of Weekly Asset Tracking
Thanks To Asset Panda


Team Gleason works to provide technology services and support to patients suffering from ALS disease, but the nonprofit’s technology and care coordinator Austin Edenfield was having a difficult time keeping track of these devices. The organization used a complicated spreadsheet to keep track of its assets and spending habits, which was so hard to navigate it sucked time away from Edenfield and his colleagues on a weekly basis. He wanted to fix this problem, knowing Team Gleason would also need software which could generate financial reports and allow multiple employees access on an on-demand basis.

Once Edenfield led the charge for finding a new asset tracking system, Team Gleason settled on Asset Panda as their new asset tracking and management solution. Here are some of the results the organization saw:

  • An average of 2 hours saved per week
  • Less equipment going missing or getting lost
  • An easier way to assign and track equipment for clients
  • Better, more accurate financial reports which detailed Team Gleason’s finances (vital for a nonprofit which could be subject to audits)

I have definitely told other organizations about Asset Panda, both for-profit and non-profit, because I’ve just been that happy with the Asset Panda experience. I’m a fanboy!

Austin Edenfield
Technology and Care Coordinator

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