Asset Panda Helps Event Planners Put On Spectacular Events

The team of corporate event planners at Tennessee-based LEO Events take good ideas and turn them into a spectacular show that breathes life into their clients’ brands

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Asset management tracking
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Easy to use
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Eliminate duplicate spending
  • Detailed descriptions/ photos of assets

Customer since: March 2017

Corporate event planning company LEO Events is based in Tennessee, with 3 offices located in Nashville, Memphis and Chattangooga. We create mind-blowing events and shows for our clients with a goal to exceed their expectations. Our events range from small, intimate get-togethers to huge, multi-day events that happen in multiple locations across the globe. Whether it’s to learn, engage, volunteer, sell, enjoy or simply relate, we love putting on a spectacular event.

Event planning takes a great deal of time, effort and money. Our clients rely on us to be cognizant of how their dollars are being spent, and that definitely includes how we manage and use our assets.

Unless you are behind-the-scenes planning the event, you have no idea how many assets and pieces of equipment are needed to make each individual event/show happen flawlessly. We produce shows all over the globe and the need to keep track of our vital assets is crucial. Our assets are housed in one central location, but they are constantly being moved between our three offices in Tennessee as well as to/from various events and shows.

Before we started using Asset Panda about 6 months ago, we had no way to keep track of our assets. We would just guess or make assumptions about what we had and if we couldn’t find something, we would buy it. We quickly realized that we were amassing multiple items of things we only needed one of and not spending our money wisely.

Asset Panda has definitely changed the way we manage our assets and has enabled us to keep track of what we need for each individual show. The most beneficial feature for us has been the ability to have a picture and detailed description of each item we log in Asset Panda. This makes it much easier to search for and know exactly what we have (and how many), where it is and what it looks like.

Thanks to Asset Panda, guesswork has been virtually eliminated and that has made a difference in the way we work and has helped financially. We know now in real-time what assets we have, where they are and how many we have so that we are not spending unnecessarily on items we already have in our inventory. From a time-savings standpoint, we are saving almost 3 hours a day that would have been spent searching for assets and/or inventory items for various events. We can now better allocate that time to our clients and their events.

Asset Panda is super easy to use and we have been able to teach other employees on how to use it, creating a greater sense of responsibility and accountability across the board on tracking and managing assets. Customer service has been great and was helpful during implementation with any questions we had and continues to be of service whenever needed.

Event planning relies on being able to know what you have, where your assets are and ensuring they are in good working condition at all time. Asset Panda is proving to be the needed tool to help our talented team of planners pull off fantastic events time and time again.

-Michael Hunt, Inventory Manager, LEO Events

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