Asset Panda Solves the 'Case of the Missing Tool' for Canadian Construction Company

Interactive Construction is a construction company focused on new, high-end home and commercial construction, as well as renovation and custom projects across Victoria, British Columbia, and on Vancouver Island.

Sustainable practices, green construction, sleek and modern design, and technology-enhanced information sharing (for better project efficiency, adaptability, and accountability) are among Interactive Construction’s chief points of difference in a competitive market.

At any given time, our project managers, carpenters, and apprentices are working multiple job sites throughout the Victoria area and on Vancouver Island, so the opportunity for lost and stolen tools is significant. We weren’t tracking assets before Asset Panda, just buying tools to replace lost tools – over and over again!

Interactive Construction has been using Asset Panda for about a year. It took some time to dive into the settings and configuration, and it was worth it. Having a fully customizable program to manage assets, track our tools, spending, warranty and more has really helped our flow! The asset reporting is very helpful, and your online chat is our go-to for any support we need. We love using the online chat. One of your reps has become almost a friend to us.

The mobile app is used by all of our workers, and in the office, we use the online app for admin tasks, as well as the mobile app for quick reference and testing.

Asset Panda has changed the way we work. We no longer get calls asking for tools or have to worry about theft (with this and our new trailer security cameras). Our workers can locate a tool and phone who has that tool to arrange a field transfer when needed. Warranties have been easy with the ability to attach invoices and repair tickets to a tool. On every level, Asset Panda has made a positive impact!

With Asset Panda, we not only solved the case of the missing tool, but also the issue of high tool spending within our company!

-Ashley Magill, Office Support, Interactive Construction

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