Asset Tracking for Network Engineers in IT Firms

Dimension Data is an information technology firm which helps its customers accelerate their businesses by providing digital infrastructure services and products, including cybersecurity, cloud hosting, and work space upgrades and consulting.

We were looking for a cloud-based asset management software that was easy to use and fully customizable for a client’s network upgrade project of about 4000 potential devices, to be able to track network devices in the full deployment lifecycle as they transitioned from the warehouse to installation. Other features required included speed of the website, batch import, customizable asset fields, no limit on the number of fields, asset audit history, and reporting export to CSV or PDF.

At the start of the project, we ran a comparison against the top five cloud-based asset management software and found that Asset Panda met all of our specific project requirements plus even more features that we did not require at the time but ended up utilizing later on in the project. We implemented AP at the start of the project to track our network devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, and their corresponding modules or line cards. Asset Panda’s web platform simplified our asset management component of the project, increased productivity, and saved countless hours that otherwise would have been spent manually tracking assets and updating large spreadsheets.

We really love the software. It is intuitive to use, easy to setup, and most importantly runs fast. Some of the features we use quite often include the search filters, replicate asset, and reallocate for updating multiple assets fields at once. We have also utilized the API to write some scripts for updating large numbers of assets easily that get scanned in via a barcode reader.

Customer support has always been friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend adding Asset Panda to the list of cloud-based asset management platforms to consider if you have not done so already. Normally, I am not one to review products, but I have been impressed with Asset Panda that I need to share the experience so that others may also benefit from the software.

– Jeremy Imholz, Network Engineer

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