Audio-Visual Technology Asset Tracking

Diversified (Audio Visual Technology) uses Asset Panda for their company's overall management for daily operations.

Diversified offers comprehensive managed network and media technology solutions to serve a wide range of diverse markets. In looking at our assets and the overall management of them for daily operations, we identified two issues that needed immediate solutions. First, we have some industry-specific and very expensive test equipment that we needed to keep control of. In our line of business, it’s imperative to know where the equipment is, who has it, when is it coming back and what the maintenance status is.

The second issue was regarding the stable of installation tools we maintain for our company used every day. These items also tend to be quite expensive, and to go along with that, we equip every technician with these tools. We realized that by tracking our assets with an asset management tool like Asset Panda, we were able to see what we have and how we are using them, and in turn gained the ability to share the tools across the technical teams. This sharing lets us do more with less, controls costs, and keeps track of where project tools are located.

We have found that Asset Panda is really intuitive and easy to use. And that’s important when you have a good amount of equipment to track and maintain and many users to keep up with. For the reasons stated above, the check in/check out function has been especially useful in regards to the sharing of equipment and I’ve also been able to set up an auto report which notifies only the managers who need to know the current status and location of each piece of equipment.

Diversified has multiple teams of technicians on the road every day. Asset Panda has proven itself to be an important time saver for our techs. When he/she logs into Asset Panda using the app on their iPhone or Android devices to see where a specific tool or piece of equipment is, they instantly know who has it and where it is, enabling them to make a quick trip to the nearest job site to “check out” a tool or piece of test gear instead of back to the main office to search for the tool for the next job.

The efficiency Asset Panda offers us has been beneficial as well when it comes to the bottom line. We spend less time looking for items because it’s listed in the Asset Panda database, which allows our technicians to spend their time more efficiently helping our clients with the right tools. And we are finding that we are losing less equipment because we are able to accurately track where things are. We are not having to replace tools as often and that is saving us money.

I would most definitely recommend Asset Panda to other companies looking to manage their assets. In fact, I have already recommended it to our other offices. We all have the same challenges for tracking equipment and Asset Panda simply nails that!

– Alan High, Integration Manager, Atlanta

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