Union County Public Schools Integrates Asset Panda to Manage IT Assets

Kentucky’s Union County Public Schools is working to deploy Asset Panda to manage IT assets across 6 locations.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Time savings
  • Improved asset management
  • Barcoding benefits
  • IT asset management
  • Helpdesk ticketing
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations

Time saved since implementation: approximately 2 hours a day

Customer since: July 2017

Kentucky’s Union County Public Schools (UCPS) strives to create an inspirational learning environment and empowers students to reach their maximum potential in an ever-changing world. That’s especially true within the technology department, where on a daily basis we are responsible for ensuring the effective planning, operation, and maintenance of technology for the students and staff of UCPS.

In any educational environment, the overall tracking and management of the IT assets the students and faculty use are of utmost importance. These are tools used every day and are frequently used across multiple locations, as with our school district. Our previous processes weren’t exactly efficient for our growing IT needs. We utilized excel spreadsheets and relied on manual entry for each asset. There was no automation in place.

Eight months ago, we started using Asset Panda and it has made a world of difference. It has helped us keep up with several assets, which is required as a public entity. The barcode scanning functionality has been especially useful in the process of tracking and managing our assets. Now we have a real-time knowledge of what assets we have and where they are at any given time. We are currently working to deploy Asset Panda to manage all of our IT assets across 6 locations and are integrating our helpdesk tickets to track issues with devices to make decisions on when to retire certain pieces of equipment.

Asset Panda is a very responsive program with several good features that are working really well for us and saving us up to 2 hours a day that would be spent entering, tracking and managing assets. I love the fact that Asset Panda has a dedicated app that actually works well and works with our specific needs.

– Joe Crowdus, Computer Support Specialist

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