The Value of Asset Tracking for Religious Institutions

Huber Memorial Church is made up of over 1,200 members comprised of young families, baby boomers, teenagers, senior citizens and children in the Govans area of northeast Baltimore, Maryland.

Huber Memorial Church in northeast Baltimore, Maryland, with over 1,200 members has multiple locations within the area and a variety of assets being used from place to place. Musical instruments, AV equipment, laptops, headphones, tablets, televisions, furniture … all of it is on the go and we needed to have the ability to manage and track all of these pieces of equipment that the church uses on a daily basis.

Before Asset Panda, very few of our assets were being tracked. The few that actually were being kept up with were simply signed in and out using traditional pen and paper forms. With so many mobile and valuable items, this method simply wasn’t efficient or reliable for our growing needs.

Since upgrading from pen and paper to Asset Panda’s asset tracking management software, we’ve seen a definite difference in how we track our assets and keep up with our equipment. The software has been, and continues to be, easy to use. The functionality that allows and item to be assigned and signed for directly from a table or handheld mobile device is a standout feature.

There are so many useful features to Asset Panda that have impacted our day-to-day operations. From pictures and video to reporting, assigning and storing warranty information, and documenting detailed purchase information on each asset we possess … the list goes on and on with how useful Asset Panda has been for us – and the customer service we’ve received is EXCELLENT!

There is no other solution like Asset Panda. It can be completely customized, which sets it apart. Customization coupled with the ease of use, has made Asset Panda the best asset management software that I have ever encountered.

Chelrisa Swanston, Huber Memorial Church

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