5 Things You Can Monitor with Service Tracking Software

By September 5, 2019Asset Tracking, Blog

Service-based businesses often have a difficult time establishing the value of what they do. Service tracking software, however, can make it easier for your business to determine what your services are worth and how to monetize them.

What Can You Track with Service Tracking Software?

As a small service-based business, your ability to track anything related to your business will greatly increase your productivity. Here are some examples of what you can track with the right platform.

Hours Worked

Knowing how many hours you’ve poured into a project can help you figure out pricing for the future. If certain projects take longer than your initial estimate, you can adjust it accordingly.

Having a detailed map of employee hours also helps you see when you’re understaffed. If more than one of your team members is pulling overtime hours, it’s a sign you need to bring on some new talent.

Locations Visited

Depending on the types of services you offer, you and your employees could be traveling a lot. If on-site services are being offered, you’ll need a way to track mileage. Specific job sites also call for different tools depending on the task required.

Work Tasks

Work tasks are the bread and butter of your business, this is where the majority of your money comes from. But, if you don’t have a way to track it, then your company is doomed to fail.

Tracking work tasks is important for several different reasons. Often times, your clients will request a copy of the receipt for the project. Trying to remember what you’ve done off the top of your head is sure to land you in trouble.

But, when you track your tasks as they happen, you can include a detailed record of what happened. This helps build trust with your clients.

Services Provided

You might think you have your business services already sorted out. But are the ones you’ve selected the ones your clients need? What types of projects do your customers request? Are you getting frequent calls about services you don’t offer yet?

Service tracking software can help you see where you’re spending your time, as well as what your clients need from you. That way, you can tailor your offerings to their needs and adjust as necessary. If the service you’ve been emphasizing in your marketing isn’t what your clients want, you can change your efforts to attract more top-paying customers.

Client Data

Sometime in your work process, you’ll need to contact the client to get more information or provide an update. If you don’t have an easy way of storing client data, your employees will spend time trying to find it.

Along with contacting your clients when necessary, there’s always the hope they return. Having a way to quickly track their information will bring ease to future projects and avoid the need for intake procedures.

Clients usually request the same project at regular intervals, making it easier to put this into your system and schedule it out ahead of time.

Asset Panda understands that service-based businesses have different tracking needs than product-based companies. You don’t have physical items to track, but not tracking the valuable services you have to offer will hurt your business just the same. Our flexible platform is adaptable and can help track everything related to the services you offer.

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