Track Your Design Firm’s Digital Assets with a Software Asset Inventory Process

Track Your Design Firm’s Digital Assets with a Software Asset Inventory ProcessAs a design firm, most of your company’s assets are intangible. However, you can still utilize a software asset inventory procedure to make sure your workers can access the tools they need to complete client work.

Tracking inventory may not have even occurred to you. After all, inventory is something that only companies with physical product use, right?

You would be surprised at how useful tracking software can be for your company. Since you rely on computers and technology to complete client work, most of your assets are digital.

How to Use the Software Asset Inventory Process for Your Firm

Tracking digital assets is a great way to automate your work process. Software licenses, image rights, and even client work can be tracked in your digital asset inventory. You’ll just have to set up your system to work differently than a physical inventory.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to set up your software asset inventory:

Identify All of Your Company’s Assets

Before you can create an accurate inventory, you need to know what assets you have on hand. Create a list of everything: software licenses, computers, furniture. Don’t leave anything out.

Once you’ve got a thorough list, you can categorize items on that list by either digital or physical.

Find a Platform That Allows You to Customize Asset Fields

You won’t be able to use any inventory tracking software program. You need one that will allow for infinite customization. Asset Panda is a great option because you can configure it in the way that works best for your company.

These customized fields should allow you to track everything related to your company’s software. How many licenses you have available, who can access it, etc.

Create Asset Listings Within Your Database

Once you have the right platform, you can then create the asset listings. Don’t leave out any information. The more detail you put into each of your listings, the easier it will be to track your digital assets.

Each asset listing should have a large amount of information. You’ll want to find a way to include how much you’re investing in the asset as well as the rules for accessing it. For example, with a software subscription, you’ll want to include how long the membership lasts and how many people can access it. Does it have unlimited users, or can you only support a certain number of users at once?

You’ll want to track the following digital assets.

  • Copyrights
  • Image rights
  • Software licenses
  • Software subscriptions
  • Operating systems
  • Memberships
  • Company content
  • Social media accounts

Make a Tracking Process That Works for Everyone

After you’ve got your asset listings set up the way you like them, create a system that makes sense for the way you operate. What will employees need to do if they need to use one of these digital assets? How will they indicate what they’ve used? Do they need to log in to the database? Where will they record what they’ve used?

Keep your process simple. The fewer steps you include, the more likely your employees are to use it.

Asset Panda’s easy-to-use platform is a great way to track your digital assets. Your online presence and software subscriptions are vital to the success of your design firm.

Inc 5000 listed Asset Panda as #104 in the top growing companies in the country. They listed the money saving features of our software program as one of the top reasons for our place on the list.

See why our platform has won so many awards by signing up for a free trial today.  

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