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By July 13, 2013Asset Tracking

xcel spreadsheets and numerical databases may be fine for many projects, but sometimes you need more from your inventory management tools. That is where Asset Panda comes in. With the mobile platform, you can build a directory that will keep your collections or resources up to date and well organized.

Unorganized Clutter

The biggest issue facing many collectors and business owners is a lack of organization. With Asset Panda, you have several options for cataloging your resources or possessions. As part of the web-based service and the mobile application, this tool offers a large amount of pre-made categories to help sort your items. For more thorough inventory management solutions, Asset Panda has other features that can help you stay on track with your organizational goals.

Specialized Collections

For users with a unique or extensive collection of valuables and resources, the basic functions may not suffice. Thankfully, Asset Panda rises above other management systems and others a variety of specialized tools. Custom category creation, voice notes, and image based entries can all provide essential data on your possessions. For an Asset Panda account with multiple users, these options can help illuminate additions to the database that may have otherwise led to confusion and misunderstandings.

Additionally, you can fill out entries based on brand, model, serial number, and purchase dates. Even replacement values can be added, thus allowing for the extrapolation of future costs. With this information, Asset Panda can help keep you organized and ready for repairs and replacements.

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