Taking Your Inventory Directory Mobile

By August 1, 2013Asset Tracking

Many organizations use tools and services that account for valuable items and resources. Generally, these offerings are acceptable within the office or home. However, when you need to take your directory on the go, you may find that these options fall flat on their faces. Incorporating an inventory system like Asset Panda can help ensure that the transition of your database from the computer to the smartphone or tablet goes as smooth as possible.

Mobile Benefits

The main benefit of a mobile app or platform is portability. With Asset Panda, your catalog of valuable items can be viewed and edited on your Apple or Android device. For individuals who often travel or find themselves out of the office, having access to the directory can be invaluable. Never again will you have to make an estimation or guess at the value or contents of a specific entry. For new entries, you can even add products by scanning the barcode.

Multiple Users

Another powerful tool is the ability of multiple users to interact with the directory. For larger operations, this can prove to be one of the most invaluable inventory management tools offered by Asset Panda. Making edits from multiple devices can keep your catalog up to date and prepared to handle any new developments in an efficient manner. Theft recovery, repairs, and replacements will become much more manageable with a mobile and accurate management system. Streamlining these processes can get your business or collection back on its feet when facing unfortunate circumstances.

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