This Asset Panda integration will allow companies managing their Windows-based devices via SCCM to take the information about every one of those computers from within SCCM and import the data into Asset Panda’s platform. This integration simplifies the process of manually importing SCCM info into Asset Panda, saving companies valuable time. All they need to do is install the Asset Panda integration tool to their Windows server and every 24 hours, the tool will automatically synchronize information from the server to Asset Panda, including, but not limited to:


With the ability to map over 20 different data fields about companies’ Windows computers, Asset Panda’s SCCM integration tool can be customized to only pull the specific fields they might need, such as last logged-in user, RAM size, and recent hardware upgrades (which eliminates the need for in-person computer audits). Users can also manually sync to Asset Panda on an as-needed basis, or choose a more frequent synchronization interval at every 1, 4, or 12 hours for an up-to-date, accurate status of their Windows computers. Asset Panda’s integration with SCCM ultimately helps by sidestepping potential errors which could occur from manual data entry, and ensures the reliability and validity of computer information in SCCM.