The Best Free IT Asset Management Software Adapts to the Way You Work

it-engineers-in-network-server-roomWhat’s the best free IT asset management software? It’s the software that adapts to the way you work – not vice versa – is customizable, flexible, powerful and scalable. And let’s not forget easy to use, because if your employees find it difficult to understand, and if they’ve got to sit through extensive training to get up to speed with it, you might face an uphill climb trying to get everyone on board. And make no mistake: Every one of your stakeholders involved in the lifecycle of your IT assets needs to be on board. If you can close the communication gap among stakeholders, you’ll raise the bar on the accuracy of your IT tracking efforts while you also increase accountability throughout your organization.

Your Single Biggest Investment

We’re focused on best free IT asset management software here because your IT assets are likely to be the single greatest investment you make for your business. You’ve taken great care to give your employees the latest in technology so that you can run your business in the most efficient way possible while keeping your customers happy. Unfortunately, those same IT assets can be easy targets for theft, especially if your employees are taking company-issued IT assets off premises to conferences, on business trips or simply to their homes each night. When it comes to IT assets, both the physical asset itself and the sensitive data it stores are at risk for theft. IT assets also require periodic updates and maintenance. Within any organization, IT managers are chasing so many fires that it becomes very easy for them to overlook important service dates. Subsequently, IT assets may slow down, causing a decrease in productivity. When a breakdown does occur, it may be past the point of no return for an IT asset. The company is left with the choice to either initiate a costly repair, overhaul or worse, replace the asset before they’d planned to do so. Each year, companies must report the value of their IT assets for accounting and compliance purposes. They also need to plan their equipment refresh schedules and establish their budgets based on accurate information.

Benefits That Reach Beyond Asset Tracking

In short, there’s a lot at stake with your IT assets. Trusting a manual system for your asset tracking and maintenance functions can be a costly mistake due to the likelihood of human error. The best free IT management software enables you to outsource this function and rest easy knowing that not only is your IT asset-related data is in one centralized location, but it’s also up to date and accurate. But this IT management software does much more than tell you where an IT asset is currently located. It may also give you GPS coordinates, provide you with a complete maintenance history for the item and tell you its current condition, along with such pertinent details as its warranty information, lease/purchase information, depreciation and more. Your IT managers can also set up custom notifications to send reminders of upcoming maintenance dates. They can create work orders, run reports and make more informed decisions while they reduce theft, loss and wasted time.


Asset Panda’s IT management software delivers an easy, yet powerful solution. Our free mobile app syncs with the cloud and includes a mobile barcode scanner. Completely customizable and intuitive, Asset Panda is the solution of choice of companies in nearly every industry throughout the globe. To learn more or to start your free 14-day trial, visit

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