Timberhorn saves over 30 hours a month using Asset Panda. It paid for itself in the first Month. - Krista

Timberhorn Saves Time and Money with Asset Panda

Timberhorn IT Solutions, a leading IT staffing and consulting agency was tracking all their fixed assets by hand every month costing them both time and money when it comes to employee resources. As they continued to grow they knew they had to find a new solution for their IT asset tracking that worked for them. After researching several asset tracking systems (see our blog 5 Tips Picking An Asset Tracking System) they started a free trial of Asset Panda and never looked back. Today they track their assets in real time saving the company over 32 hours in labor each month!

Key Features that Timberhorn Likes About Asset Panda

  1. They can use their mobile devices instead of expensive scanners.
  2. Their database is in a secure cloud, which all users can access.
  3. Custom Fields so they could modify the database it fit their business needs.
  4. Reporting tool that can generate custom reports with a click of a button.
  5. Calculates their depreciation of all their fixed assets.

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