Boss Panda of the Month: Erica, Implementation Specialist

By January 25, 2019About Us


Boss Panda of the Month

Implementation Specialist

Being Boss Panda of the Month is such an awesome surprise!
As an implementation specialist, I like that all accounts are different from each other. This is not a lather-rinse-repeat type of job! Each client may ask for something I have never tried before and this helps me build a portfolio of tricks I can use to help clients, and this keeps things very interesting.

I love that my team is AMAZING! This is an incredibly supportive environment, and everyone is so willing to share their knowledge. It’s a very cohesive team!

I don’t really know how that happened, but I am apparently the “team mom.” I think it’s because I always have gum for everyone, or maybe advice to offer. When the team is stressed, I like to make them laugh. One day, everyone just started a text thread about how I was the team mom. It’s probably still on Slack somewhere!

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