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What Exactly is an Asset?

The better question is, what isn’t an asset? From IT and construction to education and retail, every business has items of value that they need to keep track of. Some are digital, like contracts and software licenses, while others are physical, like laptops and vehicle fleets. Whatever you’re tracking, we’re here to help your team improve efficiency and save time and money.

Track everything from computers to contracts

Your business is unique, and so is your stuff. That’s why we’ve made our web and mobile technology highly flexible to cater to your specific items and use cases – no need to change the way you work.

Better asset tracking leads to better business performance – when you keep your equipment in working order and know where it is, you prevent losses from damage or theft.

Smarter than the average spreadsheet

Don’t waste time sifting through cluttered spreadsheets to track your items. With our asset tracking software, you’ll be able to see full action histories, warranty information, user manuals, and photos all in one consolidated place.

Manage everything in one place using integrations

Create a single source of truth for your entire asset estate by incorporating Asset Panda into your tech stack.

Seamlessly sync data across your tech stack with one click and streamline workflows within the apps you use every day.

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Onboard your team and your assets

Our team of experts will get your program set up and provide comprehensive onboarding for your team on your timeline.


Access technical support at any time

Once your program is up and running, don’t worry – you're not alone! Access support via email 24/7 and get a response within 24 hours.

Get your entire team on the same page

From the boardroom to the stockroom, our software benefits your entire organization. With unlimited users, your executives can easily view reports, your managers can see asset history, and your front-line workers can manage assets on the move.

Save time while reducing costs

Manually tracking your enterprise-wide assets means losing out on valuable time and resources. But when you implement our easy-to-use asset management platform, you’ll improve efficiency across your organization, leading to time and cost savings.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have to say

Asset Panda saved me and my team time and money from looking at other asset management software as well as creating our own software internally. We needed a piece of software that could easily track where our assets are and log details as well as check out/in. [We got] all this in a simple user interface and at a low price point. Asset Panda does the trick.

Lloyd B.
Director of Quality Engineering

Our company has really benefited from selecting this software for our start up. Everything can be built to your needs and some of our needs have been a little difficult. But our Implementation specialist and our Customer Success Manager have been incredible. If you're reading this and are thinking about using Asset Panda, you really should.

Ryan V.
Operations Manager

The interface is user-friendly, and the features are comprehensive, allowing me to easily track multiple assets and create detailed reports. The mobile app is very convenient and allows me to access and update my asset information on the go. Overall, I highly recommend Asset Panda for anyone in need of a reliable asset management solution.

Ivor B.

Asset Panda is easy to use. [It] has really good tech support and can help you in so many ways. It also has free Android and iOS apps with barcode scanning which is very useful. Annual prices are low, and you can customize everything you want.

Toma S.
Capital Marketing Management

Every business has assets, we can help you manage them






Information Technology

St. Francis got a much-needed update to their financial reports

With the implementation and the customizable fields, we were able to basically match things into Asset Panda out of our current data we were used to managing.

Tom Kendziora

Assistant Controller


The University of Georgia turned an audit into an opportunity for asset management improvement

“Following a department audit, we were tasked to inventory various classroom items that were currently not being tracked. After much research Asset Panda proved to be the best choice. We are able to create it to fit our needs. Support of this software has been AMAZING.”

Krystal Pintar

IMR Coordinator


The University of Pennsylvania moved to a single, organized asset management system

I was tasked to consolidate the assets of a department within the University of Pennsylvania. Asset Panda allowed us to customize exactly what we were looking for in an asset management solution. I will be evaluating more departments for asset management and Asset Panda will be the first product that I present.

Christopher Wargo

IT Project Consultant

OneSchool Global gets fast, easy device deployment

“Best asset system out there. Love that it's 100% cloud based. We do bulk imports of assets at the start of the school year when we deploy a large quantity of new devices. Extremely quick and easy.”

Aaron Overington

Regional IT Manager


HSF now saves 3 hours per day on construction material tracking

“Asset Panda has made our asset tracking efforts easier by making it very easy for me to do job costing based on the materials used for assignments. It also makes it very easy for me to know when I have to reorder materials that we usually stock.”

Ron Lundgren


Bronte Construction can fix problems faster than ever

“Asset Panda is the backbone to our body of inventory. Mobility, scanning functionality, infinite customization of the interface, unlimited pictures, NOTIFICATIONS (auto-response is priceless.... Quick fixes mean I'm back online and doing the things that I'm paid to do. ”

André Bastien

Systems & Solutions Manager

Journey Group was able to kiss spreadsheets goodbye

“When I came aboard inventory was on excel spreadsheets which were very messy and not all inventory was located there so Asset Panda really helped us streamline our IT assets.”

Kurt Lane

IT Manager

Kowalski Construction finally found the right asset management fix

“I love the customization of the fields. Our trainer spent a lot of time making sure we had all our questions answered and helping customize to our needs. We mainly use it for checking in/out tools and equipment for our job sites...We tried other tool programs, but Asset Panda was able to handle what we needed.”

Jon Bauler

Network Administrator

Catapult Health makes remote asset management work better

“With so many people being remote, it’s great that we can set up different roles for people so we know exactly what they can and can’t access. By configuring the system specifically to an employee’s job functions, it lowers the learning curve.”

Rodney Hester

Director of Operations and Supply Chain


GE moved off spreadsheets and onto savings

“Prior to Asset Panda, we relied on Excel spreadsheets, and we lost assets consistently. With Excel, we were trying to track which customers had our system, but there was no way to get historical data or have a check for missing information.”

Nebiya Demissie

IT Project Manager


Medbridge appreciates the ease of their new asset tracking system

“I like the ease of use and modular design of this product. It has the capability to be used for more than our initial needs without much difficulty.”

Kyle Vorhies

IT Project Manager


Arena Instrumentation takes control of their large projects

“We've run an entire £1.7M project with Asset Panda, it has been a really powerful and useful tool for managing a large amount of assets, users and permission levels. The ability to easily create actions (with different user permissions) is fantastic.”

Michael Chetta

Site Manager


Wyoming Supreme Court sees benefits of streamlining

“Asset Panda is helping our organization streamline processes and decrease the time is takes to track items. I like the ability to customize this application to meet our needs is incredible.”

Brittany Leasure

Internal Auditor

Board of Solano County gains efficiency and ease

“Moving up our inventory system through scanning is so efficient and easy now and the reports are great and manageable. Customer service is excellent!”

Yvette Pragasa

Acct/Facilities Clerk


USGS appreciates the “everyone in” aspect of asset management software

“I would say my favorite thing about AssetPanda is that you can have an unlimited amount of users. I also like how customizable the software is and how easy it is to use for inventory and tracking item locations.”

Melissa Scott

Administrative Assistant


Team Gleason gets back 2 hours a week to put towards helping others

“My pitch to another non-profit would be that if you want to save time and money and be better able to serve your community because of the time and money that you saved, Asset Panda would be a sure shot for you.”

Austin Edenfield

Technology and Care Coordinator

Unity Hospice saves hundreds of hours a month

“When I recommend the software, I tell people that Asset Panda is truly the Swiss Army knife of asset tracking because there are so many ways to customize it to make sure it does exactly what you need it to do.”

Avi Kolko

Director of Operations

Behring Global Education Foundation finds the only asset management solution that fit them

“We quickly outgrew excel and began the hunt for a fully customizable database, which frankly was difficult to find. Asset Panda was the ONLY one on the market that fit our needs and we could not be happier with the software and its functionality.”

Tiffany Comacho

Export Specialist


Canadian Resident Matching Service revolutionized their asset data

“It's revolutionized how we control and manage our assets. We know where all our assets are and have a history of signed out assets. We also have notifications sent for when hardware is reaching end of cycle.”

Giovanni Barresi

IT Support Specialist

Asset Panda Saves Logicforce from Spreadsheets

“We were spending approximately 3-4 hours a week updating our Excel sheets and accounting software. Now we got that down to 30 minutes to one hour per week and that’s something I can be happy about.”

Doug Lukonen

Senior Accountant

JAMF Integration Streamlines Ripple IT's Processes

“Our ticketing system is much more organized and transparent with the help of Asset Panda. In the comments feed of Asset Panda we add our ticket numbers and can refer back to the system type and specs to make IT diagnosing a breeze.”

Miguel Equina

Ripple IT

Cross-Campus Efficiency for Richmond Community Schools' IT Team

“Having a teacher do front-line troubleshooting, including attaching photos of problems means our IT guy has to make fewer trips and can make more efficient trips to the building.”

Christopher Blinn

Exceptional Education Teacher

Clear End-Of-Life Hardware Management for WuXi NextCODE

“The asset tracking and management platform gives me an accurate account of what assets I have on hand...and whether or not particular assets are getting ready for being swapped out due to age.”

Sigurður (aka Siggi) Örn Gunnarsson

System Administrator

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