Facilities managers are in charge of countless assets, as unique as the facilities they manage. Asset tracking for Facilities Management is a vital component of any organization. In order to run a smooth operation, facilities managers must have real-time records of their assets, maintenance services, warranties, and other relevant information associated with each asset. If you do not have an efficient system in place, assets may be overlooked or forgotten; costing your business thousands of dollars every year.

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As a facilities manager, you’re in charge of so many assets and keeping track of each one can be overwhelming if you aren’t organized. Asset Panda has asset management software for facilities managers that can help you streamline your asset tracking systems and make sure you are up to date on all aspects of your facilities management asset tracking. Our asset management software for facilities managers is specifically designed with your needs in mind, so you’ll have a complete platform with real-time access to your asset data, maintenance services, warranties and other details. Our facilities management asset tracking software can save you time and money, and give you access to an organized database of your facilities’ assets anytime, anywhere.

With Asset Panda’s facilities management asset tracking, you get all the information you need in one centralized database. From purchase to repair, our asset management software for facilities managers keeps the details you need over the entire asset lifecycle. Our platform is fully customizable, so you can organize data the way it makes sense for your facility.

With our free mobile apps on iOS and Android, you can scan, track, and upload documents and photos right from your smartphone or tablet. That means with our asset management software for facilities managers there’s no need to purchase expensive barcode scanning equipment. Your data is stored in the Cloud, which means you can use Asset Panda to get information from anywhere, anytime. With our facilities management asset tracking platform, you can manage equipment work orders, download reports, customize alerts, and track items. Want to take your asset management to the next level? You can also implement electronic signatures and utilize the auditing features to increase accountability.

We know tracking is an important part of your role, and we know how specific your needs may be. That’s why our asset management software for facilities managers is so easy to configure to your business. Asset Panda can give you visibility and control over your entire asset management process in no time. Additionally, our platform works on the devices you and your employees already use, so your entire organization can stay up to date.

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Use our mobile apps with built-in barcode scanning right from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Automatically syncs with your Cloud account.

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An intuitive dashboard and clearly labeled features make our software easy for anyone to use.

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All data seamlessly integrated into the platform, eliminating time-consuming spreadsheets. Import data back to Excel whenever you need it.

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Customize reports in the format that makes the most sense for your facility.

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Centralize your maintenance and service requests in one place. Reduce calls to IT support and improve support services to your organization.