CHG Healthcare Saves
Over 28 Hours A Week
With Asset Panda


For 33 years, CHG Healthcare has worked behind the scenes to ensure hospitals always have adequate staffing, no matter what life throws at its resident doctors, nurses, or anyone else who calls the hospital their workplace. When doctors have to take leave, unexpected or not, it’s CHG that deploys its extensive network to provide backup.

CHG relies on quick thinking to help hospitals roll with the punches—a great strategy for its staffing department, but not so good for its facilities department. Unfortunately, the facilities department was having to use its talents for improvisation overtime when it came to asset management. Armed with only a simple spreadsheet, the facilities team wasn’t able to have a clear picture of the company assets, and was stuck reacting to problems with lost or broken assets rather than resolving them before they become emergencies.

That all changed after the company integrated Asset Panda software into its management style in November 2017. Less than six months later, the newly efficient facilities team is almost unrecognizably improved, according to Chris Loving, Facilities Manager II for CHG Healthcare.

With Asset Panda in their arsenal, the facilities team is now able to:

  • Keep records of every company asset in one place
  • Create tickets and quickly address work orders
  • View each team member’s workload at a glance
  • Instantly identify any asset with a barcode scan

More than anything, Asset Panda has really helped me answer the question, "How are we spending our time?" It has helped me switch around tasks to different people so some people aren’t stuck with the bulk of the workload. It helps me shift around responsibilities so nobody is feeling overwhelmed while other people don’t have enough work to do.

Chris Loving
Facilities Manager II

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