Barcode Inventory Software Streamlines, Simplifies Tracking & Management

Barcode inventory software offers an infinitely easier solution than manual tracking on an Excel spreadsheet. Because your inventory is where your profit lies, it’s simply too important to leave to chance. Assigning this task to an employee almost assures that you’ll be frustrated by errors, wasted time and productivity, and items that mysteriously fall through the cracks.

Maintaining your inventory at ideal levels requires careful attention to detail and a keen knowledge of factors that can impact your needs; for example, you might require seasonal adjustments in inventory. Striking that perfect balance between sold out and overstocked is critically important for your bottom line.


"Barcode inventory software vastly simplifies the process of cataloging your inventory."


Barcode inventory software vastly simplifies the process of cataloging your inventory, tracking values and determining quantities throughout all of your warehouse locations, so you can make better decisions about allocation and avoid having excess inventory sitting on your shelves, which ultimately either has to be marked down or even discarded. With most barcode inventory software, you’ve got to purchase a handheld barcode scanner.

Handheld barcode scanners are available in various styles, features, levels of sophistication and price points, ranging from less than $100 each to $800 or more. Scanners are corded or cordless (wireless), or you may choose a mobile computer, which offers a built-in PC and scanner all in one. Obviously, mobile computers are the most expensive option, but they do offer the convenience of a wireless device, along with a fully functional keyboard, better speed, built-in memory, and the ability to perform several functions at once. They’re also fairly rugged and can withstand exposure to the elements. If you’ve got a significant volume of inventory to scan, mobile computers are a better choice than a simple barcode scanner.

The next evolution in barcode inventory software, however, involves none of these handheld scanners. Instead, you need only the smartphone or tablet you already carry to track and manage the entire lifecycle of your inventory and communicate with all of your stakeholders. Following years of research, development, and testing, Asset Panda introduced the world’s most powerful barcode inventory software. This Dallas-based company gives clients throughout the world access to a turnkey solution for their inventory needs. Clients may order durable asset labels and tags on, then download Asset Panda’s free iOS or Android app to begin centralizing their inventory tracking and management data. The time-consuming, error-prone task of manually entering data is a thing of the past. Clients can add as many users as they want, which brings everyone into the communication loop for maximum accuracy and accountability.

Because Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, inventory data is always served up in real time, 24 hours a day, so you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re making decisions based on timely information. View your inventory across the organization, create custom reports, alerts and reminders, enhance your disaster recovery efforts, easily track appreciation and depreciation, and increase your tax and insurance accuracy. There’s no more guesswork or wasted hours trying to track down lost items. Everything you need to protect your investment is in the palm of your hand. Asset Panda is not only simple to use; it integrates quickly with legacy systems, and importing data from your existing spreadsheets is a snap. You won’t need any special training to get up to speed in a flash. Asset Panda was designed as a powerful, yet intuitive tool. Our goal is to give you a means to track and manage your inventory any way you want, and to gain buy-in from all of your stakeholders through our user-friendly interface.

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