Checking In: A Construction Tool Tracking System That Actually Works


If you’re using a spreadsheet to track your construction tools and equipment, productivity and efficiency can suffer as you waste time trying to figure out where your assets are.

The process to check out tools and equipment can be inconsistent and slow, especially if you’re using one of these inefficient ways to request an asset:

  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Paper forms
  • Post-it notes

Let’s be honest. These are antiquated ways to manage your tool requests.

Phone calls can be interrupted, leading to distractions that prevent tools from getting to the job sites that need them.

Emails and text messages can be deleted or lost in the chain.

Paper forms, post-its and other paper documents can be lost, thrown away or spilled on if someone gets careless.

While spreadsheet solutions are inefficient for daily operations, imagine the challenge if you’re looking to move assets from job site to job site. You have no idea about:

  • The tools and equipment you actually have
  • Where every single asset should be
  • Who has every asset
  • What condition the asset is in

What you need is an asset management system that makes your tool request process easy, simple and accurate.

The Easy Way to Manage Tool Requests

With an asset management solution like Asset Panda, requesting a tool is simple.

  • Download the mobile app
  • Request the tools you need
  • Hit the submit button

Asset Panda gives you unlimited user access so your crews can request the tools they need to get the job done no matter what job site they’re on. Then they can either pick up the tools from the office or you can drop them off at the site for them. When the exchange is made, the barcode on the tool can be scanned so you always know who has it and where it’s going to be.

The process is quick, easy and accurate.

Pave the Path to Asset Tracking Success

An asset management system can also give you insight into what tools you’re going to need for upcoming projects.

With critical dates, scope and parameters plugged into the system, you can forecast when projects will need specific tools for the job. Then you can make sure you have those tools available when the tool requests come in from the field.

If the tools you need are still out in the field, you can reach out to the project leads to see when they’re going to be finished so you’ll know when your tools can be used for a new job.

If project parameters require a tool you don’t have in your inventory, this kind of visibility into your assets gives you plenty of time to acquire what you need so your teams can get the job done efficiently and on time.

Lost (Tools) Equals Cost: Save Money with Tool Tracking

Theft of construction tools and equipment is a major problem for construction and tool rental companies. Each year an estimated $400 million worth of assets are stolen in the United States. Besides the expenses incurred by the loss of property, another major issue is sometimes you don’t even know the equipment is missing until you go looking for it.

Through routine audits, you should be able to account for all of the equipment in your inventory. If something is missing, you don’t have to comb every job site and warehouse looking for it. Simply contact the last person to check it out or the project manager at the job site where it should be located. If they still have it, problem solved. If they don’t, there’s a good chance it’s been stolen or misplaced.

The Concierge For Your Tools: Asset Panda to the Rescue

Asset Panda helps you track your tools and equipment so you don’t have to waste time and energy tracking down your assets. Some of the benefits of using Asset Panda include:

  • Full visibility into where your tools should be, who has them and what condition they’re in
  • Maxed out potential for equipment utilization
  • Maintenance scheduling for prevention, calibration and repair work
  • Future forecasting based on lifecycle stage and maintenance history

Are you ready to elevate the way you track your tools? Reach out to Asset Panda to book a demo today.

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