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Organizations are looking for ways to make an already tight budget stretch even further. The savings potential of improved fixed asset management is often overlooked in the process. Companies find it challenging to devote the time and tools to fixed assets that they deserve. But once that challenge is realized and accepted, the initial setup and maintenance activities associated with a fixed asset tracking program are extremely important, and even more so is the fixed asset training that goes along with learning how to implement any type of fixed asset tracking system.

Making the transition to a cloud-based software and mobile app system for fixed asset tracking, such as Asset Panda, has been proven to save time and money. Asset Panda can be up and running quickly and has shown to dramatically improve the management and integrity of asset related information.

When looking at training for a fixed asset program, timing and resources are two important factors to take into consideration. You want to make sure your fixed asset program is implemented and employees are trained on how to use it well ahead of the busiest times of year, such as inventory and tax season. Users need to be able to absorb the program and put their new knowledge into practice ahead of these events. It’s also important to ensure that additional members of the staff are trained to use the system to provide efficient coverage of fixed asset management functions in the absence of others who may be the primary users but need back up coverage from time to time.

With any investment, the initial cost of a program, as well as the cost to train staff are important considerations. The best value is going to depend not only on the assets you are tracking, but on the capability of the people you have working for you and how they are trained to use the asset tracking program. Companies need to ensure they have the level of support needed for all employees who come into contact with the software, whether daily, monthly or just randomly.

Asset Panda helps companies and their employees track, manage and support their assets throughout their life cycle. With simple fixed asset management training, employees have all the features needed to track any type of asset. Custom fields, calendaring and notifications allow customization and automation of what used to be manual processes. The system is fully optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and can be accessed anywhere. This means employees located all over the world can be trained to enter pertinent asset information which is then processed and stored within the Asset Panda system and updated in real-time.

Asset Panda offers full support and training to users, and even provides help tutorials in video format. Unlimited users, roles, locations, along with custom fields and actions in Asset Panda allow for impressive flexibility. With more detailed fixed asset training, companies can configure permissions, customize asset field requirements, and customize reporting—all without any coding involved.

Asset Panda has built the system companies need for fixed asset tracking and management, and they offer the training and support to back that need up. Industry-leading solutions mean nothing without outstanding training and customer service to back them up. Asset Panda maintains that commitment to its customers through unparalleled support, fixed asset training, and professional services.

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