You Need Helpdesk Ticketing…Here’s Why


Do you have customer support of some kind? If so, you need helpdesk ticketing. Whatever product or service your business offers, your users will come across a problem they can’t solve alone. Even if you only have one person running your support desk, you still need a way of tracking customer issues.

Most large companies already have a ticket tracking system in place. However, smaller or newer businesses may not have a way to track problems they’ve already addressed. This can lead to a lot of unnecessary work and leave you looking like you don’t know what you’re doing.

A good helpdesk support system coupled with an easy-to-use and reliable asset management program are valuable complements to one another. The two programs work together to reduce duplicate data entry and provide consolidated reporting. The helpdesk allows employees to track the lifecycle of assets through the initial request, approval, and final purchase and entry into inventory.

Customer Support Employees Often Deal with the Same Issues Multiple Times

Creating a ticketing system that tracks customer issues and implemented solutions will help you understand what works and what doesn’t. If the same issue keeps popping up, that’s an indication your system is malfunctioning. You can investigate what isn’t working and fix the issue before it impacts multiple customers.

Knowing what types of issues customers tend to report can help you develop systems that solve those problems faster. Decreasing the amount of time it takes for your employees to help customers makes their job easier and more efficient.

Helpdesk Ticketing Allows You to Track Customer Issues Over Time

Sometimes the same customer comes back for assistance. If they get someone else, it can be frustrating to be prompted to walk through the same solutions as your previous help agent. Looking at previous tickets can help your employees see what fixes have already been applied. That way, they won’t repeat work and can get to solving customer issues faster.

Having context for previous issues makes it easy for any agent to brainstorm fixes and provide stellar customer service. Data collected over time can help your team spot patterns and either help users who aren’t getting what they need or fix overall system errors.

Employee Accountability Becomes More Necessary

If you don’t currently have a helpdesk ticketing system, some of your team might feel like you’re giving them a huge amount of busywork. However, when they know they must document their work, they’ll probably pay more attention to what they’re doing.

While most employees won’t try to take advantage of your company’s systems, some can try to skip out on work if they know they aren’t being watched. By implementing a ticketing platform, you can also implement quality control. Managers can better see what their employees are doing without hovering over their shoulders.

Asset Panda’s asset lifecycle management software also comes with a helpdesk ticketing module. You can integrate your customer support efforts into your existing asset tracking and inventory management system. All of the information about the services and products you provide will be right there when customer support gets a call.

The more information you can provide your agents before they get on the phone, the easier their job will be. After all, if they don’t have all the data necessary to troubleshoot the problem, they’ll waste your customer’s time by asking questions you can already answer. This can make customers feel like you don’t care about them, and you could lose your business. After all, many people leave companies with subpar customer service.

By integrating an asset lifecycle management tool with your help desk, it allows for a focused and comprehensive approach, giving IT support teams the ability to:

  • Manage and track the history log of devices
  • Monitor a single view of status information that presents robust help desk ticket information and device status details in the same dashboard
  • Work remotely from mobile devices via cloud-based dashboards offering access from any mobile device or desktop
  • Provide up-to-date reporting capabilities to watch trends over time or monitor for improvements after making process changes

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