Hidden Costs of Managing Esports Events

Running Esports events can cost you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Depending on the size of the event and the popularity of the game in question, event sizes have a huge impact on the cost of hosting.

Not all esports events are lucrative. Some of them bring in far less than they cost to host. However, making a profit isn’t always the goal of hosting events like this. Make sure you know what you hope to get out of an event before you decide to host it, as you may be committed to more than you expect.

Here are all of the aspects you’ll need to consider when thinking about hosting an esports event.

Determining the Esports Event Location

Your location needs to be large enough to hold not only the players, but all of their equipment, team managers, and fans. Booking a venue ahead of time can be tough, and managing the facility to be ready for the event takes a lot of time and resources.

Identifying Team Accommodations

If you have teams coming from out of state, you need to find a way to provide them with accommodations. While you may not be paying for their lodging, you still need to get deals with hotels to try to get them a better price. Doing so will ensure they have somewhere to stay while the tournament takes place.

Recognizing Staff Efforts

Organizing a big event like an esports tournament takes a lot of work. You need people to find teams who are willing to participate, booking a venue, working on advertising, and much more. Paying your staff for their time will probably be the largest area of your budget, but it’s also the most important one.

Investing in Advertising

No one’s going to show up esports events they don't know about. Advertising helps teams and hardcore fans know what type of event you plan to host, where and when it’s going to be, and how much they can anticipate paying for tickets. Trying to figure out advertising can be difficult, as you need to make sure your marketing efforts are being seen by the right person.

Finding Specialized Equipment

Running a tournament requires a lot of specialized equipment. While each team will likely bring their own gaming setup, you still need big screens to showcase the event. You’ll also need an audio system, lighting, and general stage set up to showcase the players in their element.

Paying for Utilities

Running a gaming tournament requires a lot of power. You’ll also need to ensure you can provide a smooth and reliable internet connection, as many games players are proficient in require the internet to connect.

Trying to keep track of all these aspects of running your event is impossible to do without some sort of system in place. As you are preparing for your upcoming tournament, implement a centralized system to track all aspects of the event.

In your asset tracking database, you’ll want to make fields for each of the participating teams. What are they bringing? Will your teams require specific equipment to perform? What sorts of accommodations do you have for them? You’ll also want to create records for what is available at the venue, and what sorts of equipment you have yet to acquire.

Asset Panda’s customizable asset tracking platform is perfect for helping you identify exactly how much you can expect to spend on your event. It does so by helping you track what assets you have on hand, and which ones you still need before you can host the event. You can also track employee efforts and record how much you’ve spent on labor costs.

Don’t be surprised by overwhelming costs after your event is over. Use Asset Panda’s platform to plan your event and ensure you stay within budget.

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