Use Your Own Inventory Label Printer to Streamline Your Company’s Workflow

If you have a large amount of inventory to track, relying on a vendor to provide your inventory tags doesn't make sense. You need your own inventory label printer so you can create relevant tags while tracking and sorting inventory. Processing hundreds of items each day take time, and being able to cut even a few seconds out of each step will greatly benefit your company.

Using your own printer for inventory control tags doesn't have to be complicated. Any hassle you might experience in setting up and teaching your employees to use the printer will pay off in how it helps your company's bottom line. When you start printing your own labels in-house, you're likely to see the following benefits.

Rely on Your In-House Inventory Label Printer to Cut Costs

Going through someone else to create your own labels will be more expensive than doing it yourself. Along with paying for the labels, you have to pay for the labor put into making those labels, parts costs, and getting them shipped to you.

While an inventory label printer can be an upfront investment, it'll save you a great deal of money in the long term. You won't have to wait for your labels to ship to you, and having a printer on site means you can create labels on demand. This is a great solution for when you have more inventory than anticipated or you need to replace incorrect labels.


"Using your own printer for inventory control tags doesn't have to be complicated. "


Customize Your Inventory Labels

You know exactly what information needs to go on each label. So, why should you hire someone else to print your labels? Being able to print them yourself means you can choose exactly what information goes on each one, and you don't have to deal with any confusion that may arise when outsourcing the project.

If your company has a specific inventory tracking system that would be difficult to explain to another vendor, having your own printer is a great way to avoid confusion. That way, if you need to make any changes, you can do it quickly, and it doesn't have to be a huge obstacle to efficient workflow.

Asset Panda's inventory tracking software makes it easy to print relevant labels at any time. Easily customizable fields mean you can put barcodes, descriptions, or any other information on each label. Your labels should benefit your tracking process, not make it more complicated. Our system comes with a barcode generator, so you don't have to turn to another program to create your labels. Once you've created these barcodes, all you have to do is scan them to pull up individual inventory records. This process takes seconds and makes it easy to avoid errors that often come up in manual-based tracking systems. You no longer have to worry about your information being inaccurate.

One of our Michigan clients uses our platform to track the inventory process involved in creating specialty Victorian Era dresses. Before using our program, they were relying on spreadsheets and making errors in the process. Asset Panda allowed them to create custom actions for each step of the dress-making process. This enabled them to track employee assignments in different parts of the city.

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