The Right IT Asset Tracking Software Can Save Companies Time and Revenue

If you’re wondering whether IT asset tracking software is for you, consider your company-issued mobile phones. How many places do they travel over the course of a year? From the office to the conference room down the hall, to the annual convention, the taxi, the hotel, home and back again, these company-issued assets are always on the go, vulnerable to theft and loss not just of the assets themselves, but also the sensitive data stored on them. When you’re taking a look at your IT assets across the board, you need to be able to track when updates are necessary and when equipment refresh should be scheduled. If you have a limited number of IT assets that must be shared among employees, you also need to be able to track their whereabouts, check-in/check-out status, condition, maintenance history, insurance policies and so forth. And, come tax time, you’ve got to report depreciation of your IT assets for accounting and compliance purposes.


"Manual asset tracking can actually cost you money in the long run."


When you look at the big picture, then, that’s a lot of moving parts to manage. Thanks to the evolution of technology, IT asset tracking software can automate much of this process, allowing companies to focus on their other priorities. However, a lot of organizations, driven to cut costs, continue to rely on manual systems to track their IT assets. Manual asset tracking can actually cost you money in the long run, however. First, it’s time-consuming. Keying in data takes your employees off other tasks, and the irony is that asset data changes frequently, so it’s a job that never ends. Manual data entry also is error-prone. It’s incredibly easy to throw off your records by entering a wrong number. Gaps in recordkeeping are common, often the result of employees changing jobs, getting pulled onto other tasks or simply forgetting to keep up with the job. If your records aren’t accurate and up to the minute, when it comes time to track down an asset, employees spin their wheels and waste valuable time. Productivity comes to a halt. Guesswork is common, as are lost assets – or even ghost assets, which occur when companies continue to pay insurance on items that were lost or stolen, but not reported.

With IT asset tracking software, all of these hassles – including the costly mistakes – are a thing of the past. What a lot of companies don’t understand is that IT asset tracking software can save them not only time but also money and productivity. In the long run, an investment in IT asset tracking software is far less costly than a shutdown in productivity, or a fine resulting from an accounting error.

Asset Panda makes it incredibly simple to track your IT assets accurately and in real time. This powerful, yet easy-to-use mobile platform syncs with the cloud, so your data is always up to the minute and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You won’t need any additional hardware to use Asset Panda; simply download the iOS or Android app, which includes a mobile barcode scanner, and you’re ready to go. Our robust features are completely customizable and intuitive. From the fields and columns, notifications and alerts to the security settings, reports and more, Asset Panda gives you the freedom to track your assets any way you want.

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