Overview of ISO Standards 27001 and 27002 For IT Security

The new version of the ISO 27001 information security standard, which provides a process for organizations to protect their information assets through international best practice, was published this month by the International Organization for Standardization.

Another standard, ISO 27002 provides the detailed recommendations on how to meet the IT security standards called out in ISO standard 27001. ISO standard 27002 outlines recommended controls in areas such as access control, asset management, business continuity and how to handle security breaches. Each section of the ISO 27002 standard contains the objective, the recommended control, guidance in implementing the control and then any other pertinent information. The fourth section of the standard involves asset management such as keeping an inventory of computers, servers and laptops.

The Asset Panda system is perfectly suited to help companies manage and update their inventory of IT assets to help compliance with the standard or with any other information security process.


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