How a Purchase Order Configuration Can Keep Vendor Communication Organized

Vendors help you get the supplies your business needs. You want the best relationship possible with them, and that means effective and clear communication. When both parties understand what's expected, the relationship is less stressful and more productive. There's less back-and-forth in figuring out who wants what, and that makes more time for other important tasks.

Purchase orders help you and your vendors stay on the same page and know exactly what kinds of products you need, and how much of them you require. They also make pricing clear, so everyone knows what they are getting and for how much. But keeping track of purchase orders can get difficult for any business with multiple vendors and a large need for supplies.

That's where a purchase order configuration comes in.

These systems work around you, so you don't have to adjust to a new software or spend time training your employees on a new system. You can generate, request, and approve purchase orders in a way that works with you.

Here's how a purchase order configuration works:
  • You will need to start by filling out a purchase order. Put in as much information as possible, including company information, order number, vendor information, shipping information, terms and conditions, and product details like quantity, color, and description.
  • Once you've put in all of the details, the system will send the purchase order to the vendor or accountant. You don't have to worry about attaching documents or typing up emails, our purchase order configuration does all of that for you!
  • Vendors can then use the purchase order to obtain the supplies you need and ship them back to you. Accountants use them to update your financial records and keep track of what your company purchases.
  • When you receive your supplies and equipment, make a new record for each asset and purchased item. You can then attach purchase orders and invoices as you receive new assets. This helps you track each asset's value over time and life cycle. Information about purchases, maintenance, repairs, sales, and even disposals will all be in the same place.

And that's it! You don't have to spend so much time communicating between departments on purchase orders, Asset Panda keeps the information in one place so anyone on your team can access it.

You can easily approve purchase orders from anyone on your team without going through the hassle of paperwork, or trying to locate the right person for approval. Since all of the information is kept on a secure cloud server, you don't have to go into a specific office to access the purchase order you need.

Asset Panda's purchase order configuration is perfect for companies of all sizes. With unlimited users, mobile downloads, locations, and flexibility, you don't have to worrying about limiting database access to save money. Our mobile compatibility makes our software accessible to smaller businesses, because you don't have to invest in specialized hardware to maintain your information. Your employees already carry their smart phones around with them, and with a free mobile app, our platform is more accessible than ever.

When your entire team can access purchase order information, you'll save time you would otherwise spend communicating with your employees. You can then use that time to provide better customer service and address other administrative tasks.

Making purchase order information shouldn't be the hard part of your day, and with Asset Panda it doesn't have to be. Check out our purchase order management configuration today!

Bree Brouwer

Bree has held plenty of media- and marketing-related jobs over the years now, like working as a PR and marketing assistant to a Hollywood screenwriting coach, and writing content for three different digital marketing agencies.

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