Using Pre-defined Forms In Your IT Inventory

Mid to large-sized businesses need to manage a larger IT inventory. Your IT assets, from printers to network equipment, are important to your inventory tracking process. When you have multiple instances of each asset, pre-defined forms can make your management practices more efficient.

However, if you’re not used to using pre-defined forms, you might need to configure your system to support them.

Setting Up Pre-defined Forms

Setting up pre-defined forms in your inventory tracking software will depend on what program you’re using. There are two major ways of using pre-defined forms. They include having forms that pre-populate commonly used data and forms that have outlined fields for you to fill in.

However, you can prepare for the process by gathering all of your information ahead of time. You can also use that information to pre-populate your forms.

While asset tracking may not use the same information every time, autosuggestions can help reduce data entry times and improve your workflow efficiency.

Forms also allow you to track how many items you have in each asset type. They’re also great for tracking asset location. You can also use them to create notifications to update you when you need to send IT equipment in for maintenance.

Areas to Implement Pre-defined Forms

Your IT inventory can benefit greatly from implementing pre-defined forms. There’s no limit to how you can implement pre-defined forms. If you can think of it, you can probably implement it.

If you’re stuck for ways to use it, here are a few ideas.

Tracking Hardware

Your IT hardware helps run every aspect of your business. Without your equipment, your processes would be much slower, and you wouldn’t be able to scale as quickly.

There are specialized pieces of equipment that only a few employees might use, like server access portals. But there are also several types of assets that you might have in abundance.

These assets include:

  • Monitors
  • Desktops
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Tracking Software Licenses

Software licenses are another vital aspect of running your business. Various types of programs help you create deliverables and assist clients.

However, each software license has different terms for using it. Creating pre-filled forms with information about the software programs your company uses will help you when you set up a new user in your network.

Managing Employee Asset Usage

Your IT inventory is key to helping your employees do their jobs. Whether you implement check-in/check-out procedures or employees come to specific stations to work, you’ll need to monitor their asset usage.

Recording Relevant Information for Future Audits

Fixed asset audits are a necessary evil when running a business. Whether you have an outside organization come to conduct your audit or you do it yourself, you need to track tons of information ahead of time.

Relevant information when it comes to your IT inventory includes:

  • Employee usage
  • Equipment life cycles
  • Repair schedules
  • Asset location
  • Lease terms
  • Storage options

If you’re looking for an inventory tracking system that implements pre-defined forms, Asset Panda has you covered. When it comes to setting up a system that works for you, our customization allows you to automate everything in your IT inventory.

Whether you need to track employee usage, asset location with pin drops, or equipment maintenance, you can manage it all from one place.

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