Using Predefined Forms To Automate Manufacturing Operations Management


Manufacturing administration, also called manufacturing operations management, is an important aspect of running a manufacturing organization.

Most operations managers have specific goals they want to accomplish. These goals include things like improving product quality, boosting order accuracy, and reducing manufacturing costs across the plant. Without manufacturing managers, factory workers don’t have direction and can’t work at the lower levels of the plant.

What Are Predefined Forms?

You’ve likely already encountered predefined forms in your work, or even in your personal life. If you’ve filled out a form and it gives you a drop-down menu for your state, that’s an example of pre-defined forms.

The exact look and feel of the form depends on what you’re completing. Most of them have drop-down menu options. Having this available reduces the amount of time spent trying to remember what something is called. Instead, you have a multiple-choice list, which greatly reduces the amount of time required to fill out paperwork.

Having predictive auto-complete available in your administrative software can also help you reduce the amount of time required to fill out your forms.

How Predefined Forms Can Improve Manufacturing Operations Management

There are dozens of ways in which you can apply pre-defined forms in your manufacturing operations. Here are a few ideas to help you through the process.

Logging Daily Production

Forms are often used to record what happened in a given amount of time. Things like how much something was produced, what tasks were done in a given day

Recording Employee Time Cards

These forms are also great for recording employee time cards. Since that’s something that happens every week, reducing the amount of time employees have to spend on filling out their time cards can make it faster for them to get into work and start on the factory line.

Reducing Paperwork Task Time

When forms are present in every aspect of operations, using them is going to take up a lot of time. While many of these forms are necessary, the time sink that goes into many of them is not.

Digital form completion time can benefit greatly from putting predefined forms everywhere that makes sense. Using these types of forms means you’re getting away from manual completion, which is subject to error and taking more time than necessary.

Increasing Goal Completion

When you have defined fields, they can help you identify what aspects of your operations you want to improve. You can put in those fields things like “accomplished, halfway or didn’t accomplish” as ways to track the different aspects of your business you’re trying to change.

Reducing Cycle Time

Manufacturing cycles are part of your operations. Monitoring them from start to finish can take time, especially if your paperwork isn’t streamlined. Often times, before your team on the floor can move forward, they need approval from a manager or supervisor. They can use pre-defined fields in their forms to request that approval or transfer.

Streamlining Overall Operations

When you have pre-defined forms, you’re less likely to have quality discrepancies between forms. Since your employees only have so much to choose from, most forms will be similar in quality and density of information.

Running your manufacturing operations takes a lot of oversight and a large amount of paperwork/approval. Don’t get caught waiting and instead, utilize pre-defined forms to smooth the process.

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