Maximizing the Value Inventory Asset Management Software Plays in Daily Operations

In business, no two organizations are run exactly the same. They each have different needs. When it comes to companies who carry inventory, referred to as the goods an organization sells to generate revenue, and the materials used to produce those goods, selecting the appropriate inventory asset management software is especially important to keep up with a constantly rotating stock.

Inventory is more of a temporary item. It comes and goes. Sometimes it stays a little longer depending on factors like customer demand, time of year, pricing and industry trends. But for the most part, if a company is carrying inventory to sell to consumers, they want to move it on a consistent basis. With items constantly on the move, finding a platform that can manage the ebb and flow of these items anytime, anywhere is an important one.

This is where finding the appropriate inventory asset management software comes into play. Tasks like keeping track of the number of items in stock, reordering when quantities are low, calculating the cost of goods, depreciation, and inflation are all important data points that businesses rely on daily. And it’s also important to mention that many of the fixed assets that are used to move inventory around, house them or record the data need to be tracked and managed as well. The idea that there is an inventory asset management software that can keep up with both the inventory and the fixed assets is no longer on a “wish list” for companies. And now, thanks to technological advances, companies can manage both facets on smartphones and tablets 24/7, 365 days a year.

Gone are the outdated handwritten ledgers and error-prone electronic shared spreadsheets. Inventory asset management software has streamlined the once time-consuming and cumbersome process of inventory and asset tracking, saving companies time and money like never before. And in a business environment where the bottom line depends on efficient and accurate management from all stakeholders, finding a platform that can be customized to fit the needs of businesses of every size and industry is key.

Asset Panda invested years of research, development, and testing before launching the world’s most powerful inventory asset management software. Asset Panda enables clients to track the entire lifecycle of inventory and assets using free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud. The platform is completely customizable, incredibly robust and simple to use.

Asset Panda includes a barcode scanner, so there is no need for any additional hardware, software or software licenses. The only tools you need are the mobile devices you and your employees already carry. You can bring all of your stakeholders into the loop at no additional charge with Asset Panda, which in turn promotes accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization.

Every Asset Panda client receives full access to every one of our features – most of which are customizable for any sized company's needs. Modify the dashboard, columns, fields, listing views, notifications, alerts, reports, security settings and so much more. Asset Panda adapts to the way you work, and it’s flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available later on.

With Asset Panda, users have real-time access to all of their inventory data as it changes. You can also track vital assets location, the identity of the person who has it, and details about its condition. Additional features allow users to review maintenance histories, insurance policies, lease/purchase information, and depreciation.

Most importantly, Asset Panda is incredibly simple to use and there is little to no training to get started. Try Asset Panda out today with a free 14-day trial. Visit for more information.

Audra London

Audra London, founder of Conceptual Communications, LLC, has over 10 years of writing, public relations and marketing experience and serves as an expert on press releases, media relations, feature writing, web content and marketing copy.

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