With An Asset Tag System, You’re “It”!

Today’s businesses have more assets to keep up with than ever before. Anytime an asset is lost, misplaced, stolen or damaged and put out of service, it costs the company time and money. A straightforward task can radically change the way your company tracks and manages their assets – and what’s even better, it can save time and money. And who doesn’t want that? What is this magical solution? An asset tag system.

Asset tags are everywhere

Take a look at your desk. There are probably at least ten items right there that have a tag of some sort that identifies a particular item and can be scanned and tracked. There are lots of different types of tags that fit a variety of needs:
  • materials like foil, aluminum, metal, plastic, polycarbonate, and polyester
  • options like tamper-evident, destructible, hanging and rearview mirror tags
  • tags and labels that are built to withstand harsh conditions including chemicals, solvents, abrasion, and high temperatures

By implementing an asset tag system as part of an overall asset tracking and management software platform, the asset tag can tell the entire lifecycle about a tool or piece of equipment. Without tags to easily track assets, it takes longer to identify assets and employees won’t be able to see when equipment needs maintenance, or what regulations certain assets are subject to. A lack of a standardized system makes it easier for assets to disappear, which can cost thousands to replace.

By implementing an asset tag system as part of an overall asset tracking and management software platform, the asset tag can tell the entire lifecycle about a tool or piece of equipment.

Using an asset tag system with a barcode scanner

On the most basic level, an asset tag system identifies equipment using a unique serial number or barcode. This one of a kind identifier can hold a wealth of information about an asset, which is useful to each person who needs to use it. Used in tandem with an asset tracking system’s built-in barcode scanner, employees have the entire lifecycle of an asset in the palm of their hands. They can instantly access check-in/check-out data, track costs, see where an asset was used last and by whom, and view maintenance records.

The asset tag system has been instrumental for so many businesses when it comes to tracking their expensive equipment. Most companies don’t have excess funds sitting around to replace an item when it is misplaced or goes missing. That’s where the combination of a good asset tracking platform and an asset tag system make the perfect pairing.

Other valuable benefits to an asset tag system include:
  • Quick Asset Identification. Employees can quickly identify each item using its name, number, or another identifier that is printed right on the asset tag.
  • Easy Inventory Management. Using an asset tag system can help to streamline or even automate this very detailed and time-intensive effort.
  • Audit and Compliance. The use of asset tags can help companies to remain in compliance by knowing what they have, where it is, and it’s status/financial feasibility, avoiding fines or other penalties.
  • Insurance Claims. In the event of an accident or disaster, filing insurance claims can be challenging. Companies that have an effective asset tag system in place can more accurately file claims and get the full payout that they are entitled to because they have accurate data on all of their assets.

Asset Panda uses an asset tag system coupled with mobile barcode technology to track, manage and store your asset entries. Your employees can easily pull up asset information from your database anytime from anywhere using our free mobile apps on their smartphones or tablets. No more relying on costly handheld barcode scanners that are easy to misplace or break.

Learn more about what Asset Panda brings to the table when it comes to tracking and managing assets with a free 14-day trial. Visit www.assetpanda.comfor more information.

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