Take a Peek into the Zapier Integration for Asset Panda

Take a Peek into the Zapier Integration for Asset PandaAutomation saves most companies an average of 40-75% of finances spent over a few years. Software automation is a great way to reduce errors and prevent you from needing to do the same repetitive actions every day.

Zapier was created to encourage an integrated work environment. Instead of one integration that connects to one product, this one connects to the thousands of apps listed here https://zapier.com/apps.

Your team likely uses several apps to take care of client and company work. It’s impractical to try to put all your workflow on one program. However, using more than a couple of apps can often lead to lost information.

Zapier can send you notifications on all your apps. If you receive a new file in Gmail you can configure Zapier to automatically add this into your Dropbox, then send you a Slack notification that it has been added successfully.

The platform uses interconnected automations called Zaps to take over your repetitive tasks. Creating an automatic workflow will reduce the amount of time your team spends on administrative upkeep.

All you need to do is set up what steps you want to happen in each automation. Once you’ve set up the Zap, it’ll run every 15 minutes or faster depending on your Zapier account, and will send you any relevant notifications.

Asset Panda’s Zapier Integration

Using Zapier with Asset Panda is a great way to make sure your asset and inventory information is available across a variety of applications. If you already have an account, you can enjoy all the benefits that come from using this integration.

The Zapier integration makes it possible for you to connect Asset Panda with all the other tools your company relies on to manage your workflow processes. This holistic business approach means you’ll get emailed anytime someone updates an asset record or uploads a new file in your inventory database stored in another application.

The best part of this interconnected business solution is that you don’t need any previous programming knowledge. You can set up your app configuration and start using it within seconds, as long as the user who accesses Zapier has full admin permissions in Asset Panda.

Here’s an example of how you might use the Zapier integration to track your assets. Let’s say you want to receive a text each time someone adds a new asset to your database. You would do this by creating a Zap that triggers on the addition of a new asset, and creates an action in Zapier to send you an SMS with the fields of that newly-added asset.

You also have the option to select any group in your Asset Panda platform. You have a vast number of options to choose from. Want to create a supply order after a certain number of assets are added? You can connect it to Quickbooks. Does your team need to know what new items they are in charge of tracking? Automatically post a message to Slack with details.

Automation is a necessary part of asset tracking. No matter how big your team is, trying to track your resources by hand can become incredibly monotonous. This can make it harder to focus on the task at hand and creates errors. Mistakes in asset data put your company at risk and threaten the integrity of your operations. You won’t have the knowledge necessary to choose what assets to purchase in the future, or which employees should be allowed to access different types of equipment. Our Zapier integration can help you avoid all of that through automation.

If you want to add Zapier to your Asset Panda platform, contact customer service to get set up right away.

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