Churches need ways to stretch their tight budgets further. The Asset Panda Asset Tracking for churches Management Platform helps you work smarter, giving you a quick and easy way to access the information you need about your church assets.

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Your church’s budget is tight and you need to maximize the use of your assets without dealing with the timely process of managing them. Asset management software for churches is specifically designed to address your unique needs when it comes to managing your church’s assets and accessing important information. With Asset Panda’s church asset tracking solution, you can work smarter by devoting more time to your congregation and less time trying to take care of your assets. Our asset management software for churches can also save you a lot of time and money. Plus, with Asset Panda’s customizable church asset tracking software, you’ll gain quick and easy access to the information you need.

Asset Panda’s asset management software for churches is not only easy to use, it’s also comprehensive; it’s the only church asset tracking software you’ll need. All your information is stored in a centralized database that is hosted in the Cloud. You also won’t have to buy any expensive barcode scanning equipment because our asset management software for churches offers a built in barcode scanner with our free iOS and Android apps. You can use your existing smartphones or tablets to scan barcodes and upload photos or documents. Asset Panda even offers world-class customer support to answer your questions and help with any issues that may arise. Your church asset tracking has never been simpler!

Our asset management software for churches integrates with your existing systems, and can be configured to meet your precise needs. With customized options for organizing your asset data, you’ll be able to access the important information you need throughout the life cycle of your assets. Using our free mobile apps, you’ll be able to scan, add details, access full histories, generate reports, track maintenance and audit your church’s assets in one easy platform. There’seven an option to submit help tickets through our enterprise service desk configuration.

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Save Time and Money

Use our app to check items in and out so you’ll always know where they are, keep your assets organized, and schedule and manage routine maintenance.

On Demand Access

Get the information you need, when you need it.

Flexible Platform

Configured to meet your needs, flexible to change as your needs change.

Free Mobile App with Advanced Barcode Scanning Technology

Our mobile app has a built-in barcode scanner so you can use your own device to scan and access information from anywhere through your Cloud account.

Unlimited Users

Database is available to an unlimited number of users, so anyone in your congregation can get to the information they are looking for.

Customized Reporting

Sort the data how you need it to make your reports relevant to you.

World Class, US-Based Customer Service

We are available to give you all the help you need and answer questions as they arise.

Enterprise Service Desk Configuration

Reduce your IT support calls and centralize maintenance and service requests in one accessible place.

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