The Role of Asset Tracking For Multi-Campus Churches

The Rock Family Worship Center (non-profit) is a multi-campus church with locations situated among multiple cities and states.

We are a multi-campus church with locations situated among multiple cities and states. IT equipment is a very important tool used daily across all of our campuses. Keeping track of IT equipment that was being transported from church to church was becoming much more challenging for us. With so many assets being used, it was important for our team to be aware of where assets were, who had them, and their maintenance status/history to ensure they are always in working condition no matter their location. The need finally arose, after using excel spreadsheets for a period of time, for us to find a legitimate, web-based solution for IT asset tracking that was also easy to use and could be customized. Asset Panda was the perfect fit for our needs.

We are still in the beginning stages of using Asset Panda, so right now we are primarily using the software to track our IT equipment. But based on how well it performs for that singular function, there definitely is room to expand the use of Asset Panda to move into tracking office furniture and other important assets that make our daily operations run successfully.

The ability of Asset Panda to allow us to customize the product for how we need it to work specifically for us has been especially useful. And the ease of incorporating the barcode scanner and the mobile apps to enter/track all of our assets has been very beneficial in that we don’t have to spend valuable time looking for assets that were thought to be missing, or second-guessing if assets have been in for maintenance or are up to date.

Asset Panda is easy to use and we have been very pleased with the support we have received along the way. I definitely have been impressed with the customer service and Asset Panda as a whole. There’s no doubt that I would recommend other businesses/organizations with IT assets, or any valuable assets for that matter, to give Asset Panda a try.

– Clint Talton, IT Systems Administrator

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