Asset Tracking for Media Ministries and Their Video Production Crews

Christian Vision North America is a branch of the charity-based Christian organization and works to create video content for media ministry purposes.

We create a lot of different video content. Promotional pieces/commercials are a big part of what we do, yes, but also 360-degree videos, talking head videos with pastors, inspirational pieces, topical videos, mini documentaries/interviews, and short films.

Using Asset Panda means we can keep better track of our video production equipment. The software lets us record the value, receipts, serial numbers, warranties, etc. of every item we use during a particular shoot. Essentially, Asset Panda makes keeping an inventory of what we have much easier than other methods. The best part of Asset Panda is being able to attach documents to assets. It is wonderful to be able to upload all our receipts and keep them stored with their appropriate assets.

Our office is a small one (less than 10 people), so a few other staff members also use Asset Panda to track other things in addition to just the video equipment.  Basically any valuable/expensive asset that we want to retain important information on as an office (e.g. coffee machine, external hard drives, laptops, standing desks, refrigerator, conference room tables, etc.).  But on a routine basis, the majority of what we track with Asset Panda is video production gear.

We’ve particularly enjoyed utilizing Asset Panda’s website/desktop version, which works great. On there, it’s easy to sort how our assets are displayed, so at a quick glance, we can find what we’re looking for or know what’s available to us. We typically create the asset log online via the computer, and then pull any new assets up on our phones via the mobile app to take the assets’ pictures.

Additionally, the Asset Panda staff is friendly and reaches out often via e-mail to check in. For any company looking to keep a good record of assets and items, we’d definitely recommend Asset Panda.

– Cadeau Juraschek, Content Specialist

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