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Photographers, photography studios, in-house agencies, and video productions companies are looking for ways to track expensive equipment without breaking the bank.  Tracking cameras and related equipment is difficult because it is always on the move.  You need a system that moves with you.  Many people are making the transition to a cloud-based software that is coupled with Mobile Apps choose Asset Panda in order to save time and money. Our camera equipment tracking software can be implemented quickly.  Best of all, it improves the management and accountability of all asset related information.

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Photographers, photography studios, agencies, and video production companies save time and money by implementing Asset Panda to track all of their equipment. In the visual production industry, several issues pop up that require a strong approach to asset tracking. To start, the sheer amount of devices, equipment, and random items can be staggering. The next time you take a coffee break during your shift, take a moment to consider all of the moving pieces around you. Therefore, choosing Asset Panda Software for camera equipment tracking can enable your team to save time and money across the entire organization. The equipment you are tracking is typically expensive and must be accounted for properly. We work with one of the largest and most respected news networks in the world. They trust Asset Panda to track all equipment at headquarters and then out on the field. They use our Check-in and Check-out action to assign equipment to the proper personnel. Then, they set actions periodically to remind the people on the field to acknowledge that they still have the device and posts information about the equipment as needed. The information about the asset can be anything from troubleshooting issues in the notes or alerting the home office of a needed repair.  And of course, you guessed it, they require photos of the equipment so one can see the condition of the equipment in the field. Get all of your camera equipment on Asset Panda and your camera equipment tracking will be a joy.

With Asset Panda you will…

  • Know what you own
  • Know where your assets are
  • Know who has them
  • Know what condition they are in
  • Store all information related to an Asset in one location
  • Save Time and Money