Media Production Company, Paperlyte, Finds Asset Tracking Can Be Easy Thanks to Asset Panda

When Dallas-based media production company Paperlyte, LLC needed an easier way to track their assets, they moved from pen and paper to Asset Panda.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Check in/Check out status
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Barcode generator
  • Inventory management

Customer since: January 2018

Based in Dallas, Paperlyte, LLC is a media production company comprised of 8 employees. We specialize in live-streaming esports, corporate events, commercials, and documentary work.

The video production gear we use, whether it is for a live-streaming event or documentary filming, is critical to our business and must be kept up with at all times. Tracking for each piece begins when it is assigned to a project and checked out from our one central location. In addition to our video equipment, we found that it was helpful to track other assets in our office such as office supplies, furniture, and computers.

Before Asset Panda, our method of choice to track assets was pen and paper on an Excel spreadsheet check-out form. This way of tracking made it hard knowing who had what, where it was, and when something was checked in. Things would go missing and it was a challenge tracking everything down again.

Without a doubt, Asset Panda has made tracking all of our assets so much easier in so many different ways. When we have multiple projects going on at once, no one is scrambling to find something that they think is lost or misplaced. Employees can log on and see where an asset is, who has it and when it was checked out. And speaking of checking out equipment, Asset Panda has made that entire process much faster. There’s no more guesswork about where equipment is or time wasted trying to track something down. I’d say we are saving about an hour a day in time that was typically spent tracking our assets thanks to Asset Panda.

Asset Panda has been especially useful for equipment that is broken/out of service or in need of repair. It has forced us into staying organized when it comes to getting new equipment in and sending items off for repair. Because we need our video gear on a daily basis, having equipment that is broken or out for repair can be a big issue. But by knowing what working equipment we have at any moment, we can plan for jobs ahead of time and know what equipment is readily available. For pieces that need to go out of service, we can tag that particular piece of equipment in Asset Panda and note issues or problems and when it might be back in service for our team to use in the future.

From a financial standpoint, Asset Panda has been very helpful to us. The data, which is collected in real-time, has made us more aware of what actually gets used and what is collecting dust. When it comes to budget planning or even an audit, we can see what and how our equipment is being used, or not used, and how we can better spend our money on assets that will benefit our employees and customers in the future.

– James Claxton, Producer/Director

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