Asset Tracking for Specialty Product Providers

Car Wash Services of the Southeast equips car wash business owners with the tools they need to achieve and maintain success.

Recognized as an industry leader, Car Wash Services of the Southeast (CWSSE) offers an effective and efficient business architecture through dedicated, expert-led sales, service, and support divisions that work together to equip car wash business owners with the tools they need to achieve and maintain success.

CWSSE is a distribution company for car wash equipment and chemicals with warehouses in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee that sells parts and chemicals to 12 states across the Southeast. We have 120 employees and the majority of them work in the field. We issue tools, phones, laptops, etc. to our team, so having an effective, up-to-date and mobile way of tracking these assets no matter where we are at any given time is of utmost importance.

Prior to Asset Panda we were using a server-based system and access was difficult. With so many assets in use, the team couldn’t rely on the information that was uploaded as being current and we were not able to accurately track our equipment. With Asset Panda as our asset tracking and management solution, we now know where our equipment is at all times and the status its in. Technicians in the field can transfer tools or equipment with ease and we can track all of those actions anytime, from anywhere, so that nothing is lost or misplaced. There is no more guesswork on where a certain tool is or who has it. We can instantly access all the pertinent data about an asset in need and it can be retrieved and noted when it is passed along to a fellow coworker.

In terms of cost savings, over the past year we’ve been using Asset Panda, we have seen a decrease in the purchase of duplicate items. Now we know exactly what we have and are able to make informed decisions when it comes to purchases. And we are saving valuable hours each day that would normally be spent searching for assets or trying to gather data.

The customer service we’ve received has been easy and quick and the support team is knowledgeable about the product and how to assist our needs. I would definitely recommend Asset Panda!

- Brenda Bradley, Controller

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