Painters USA Saves
Up To 60 Hours Per Month
With Asset Panda


Since 1976, the woman-owned, WBENC-certified Painters USA has worked to provide what it calls the “highest quality painting services,” while also “enhancing the community and the lives of our employees, clients, and vendors, one brush stroke at a time.” The company’s biggest asset hurdle to accomplishing this mission, though, was that it was keeping paper records of inventory, job requests, and asset maintenance needs; this method caused employees to make mistakes and triple-check their work on a frequent basis. Warehouse Manager Daniel Cook chose Asset Panda to rectify this situation.

After implementing Asset Panda into its warehouse and business operations, Painters USA could finally improve its ability to:

  • Assign kits assets to foremen, track where these assets are, and determine who used them last
  • Check-in/out assets more quickly
  • Access asset records, warranty information, or user manuals out in the field
  • Avoid ordering extra/duplicate assets
  • Save time and money due to all of the above

I can’t tell you enough though how much of a relief it is knowing we have chosen a software that has an answer for every problem, reinforced by a team that’s willing and able to work with us every step of the way on even the smallest details, with a promptness the likes of which I have almost never encountered in customer service.

Dan Cook
National Asset Manager

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