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With Asset Panda’s Enterprise Service Desk configuration, you will dramatically reduce your number of support calls.

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The biggest trend in IT management is the emergence of the enterprise service desk to collect and streamline all service-related communications in one place. With Asset Panda’s enterprise service desk software you can drastically reduce the number of support calls you receive, provide better quality service and improve response times. Adding an enterprise help desk configuration to your asset management platform rounds out the way you track and manage inventory and assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Users can request maintenance or service through our enterprise service desk software for any asset in your system. Asset Panda’s enterprise help desk operates through our free mobile app with a built-in barcode scanner. The iOS and Android apps can be used from the tablets and smartphones you already own, and the web interface can be accessed from any computer. All the data is centralized and hosted in the Cloud. Making requests through the enterprise help desk is as simple as using the mobile app to scan an asset’s barcode or searching manually for the asset in the system. Asset Panda’s enterprise service desk software is easy to use from anywhere.

When a service request or maintenance support ticket is logged into the enterprise help desk, the support team receives an alert via email or through the app. These options can be set by your team, ensuring that our enterprise service desk software is configured to meet your specific needs and preferences. That alert will tell the support team that there is a new open ticket and they can begin the process of scheduling repairs and entering any notes, photos, or documents that are relevant or helpful. Your technicians get the information quickly and are able to close the ticket when they have completed the requested repair or maintenance. Asset Panda’s enterprise service desk software ensures that a record is kept of the work done on an asset so you always have access to a full and complete asset history.

You’ll save time and money by reducing IT calls, improving response time and providing high-quality and consistent service. Our software is easy to use and keeps all your asset records in a centralized database hosted in the Cloud. Your entire organization can use our free mobile app to request service from their own smartphone, tablet or computer. You’ll always know what’s going on with your business assets with the ability to track and manage them from one platform. Isn’t your business worth a full service asset management solution? Let us help you work smarter.